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Are you bored?

Perhaps you are! I’m not buying your bullshit though. A good girl like me can play bitches games too! You know what they say once a good girl gone bad she gone forever.
Tough luck for you!

Random Ventouts

Bad Boys and Good Girls

I’ll keep it simple:

“Bad boys” those men who are actually dogs and want to screw every woman in the world…. they especially like “Good Girls.” They want to break into the Good Girls. 295 more words

Holding Pattern ... it's not safe to land

With my saga over the years, it amazes me that I’m hopeful and still embrace the girly fairy tales of love that play out in my head. 442 more words

Love & Relationships

Being Good Is Not Enough

I really need to stop telling my children they are good girls. Not because they are not good, but because goodness is not a characteristic of behaviour. 309 more words


Confirmed: Good Girls Actually Like Bad Guys...

Well, not exactly. Sensational headline; i am learning :-).

Public Service Announcement

One of my self-descriptors is “avid conversationalist”.  I love to converse with people and hear their opinions on various issues. 1,307 more words


Bill Ward's American Good Girls

Bill Ward (1919-1998) was an American comic illustrator famous for his good girls of the 1940s and 50s.

For the 1940s/50s, Ward’s women have colossally large pointed breasts and very accentuated bottoms. 166 more words


How to Deal with the Fact that You're a Jealous Woman

You might have noticed that I have this boyfriend. He’s not my first, but he’s the first one who wasn’t either pressured on me or accepted due to extraordinary circumstances. 1,117 more words

Being In Relationships