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Red Bull Sound Select: Luke James, MPrynt, and Jay Marie

I live for concerts with quality music! Especially when the price is just right! When I came across the announcement for Red Bull Sound Select event, curated by Veteran Freshman with Luke James for $3, I immediately clicked the link to RSVP. 505 more words


Mr. Petty knows where the Bad Boys stand...

I was on a nice morning run along the ocean this morning, and my “Tom Petty Pandora Radio” was cutting in and out of service, per usual. 1,040 more words

A good girl and you know it: the 21st-century Madonna-Whore complex

Pop music seems obsessed with good girls, but what does that really say about how male singers view women?

You’re a good girl and you know it… 821 more words


Stella Ridley Two


Deflecting the Gaze

Things always had to be just so in Matu’s world. For example, after puberty, females had to wear makeup and it had to be just so—not too much, not too little, just enough to establish and maintain the mask that you would present to the world as your face from the time you started wearing makeup until you died. 447 more words



Okay I may be old school but what do you guys think about girls asking boys out? Is it cool, lame… give me your opinion.


Dear parents

Dear parents… When your daughter who just turned 18 asks you for permission to go to a night club or having some drinks, don’t think it is the first time she’s ever done that. 48 more words


#1 - #5 Why Girls Like Bad Boys

The thought of having a guy with a bad boy image and attitude has always been a popular one. Of course most girls out there want a pure nice guy who will treat her right but somehow when it comes down to it we seem to be misled by how ‘ 745 more words