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Getting The Most Out Of Sharing Your Feelings.

Lets face it, when we are angry or upset venting seems like the best thing to do. We just want to let it out and tell someone and usually it makes us feel so much better just to get it off our chest and to receive some advice. 385 more words


5 Signs of a Lazy (lousy) Listener

Lazy listening saps your productivity and creates credibility issues. Are you already tired from reading this far? If so, you need to exercise your listening muscles. 284 more words


6 Quick Tests For Your Listening Skills

If listening was an Olympic sport, most people would not even qualify to compete. The good news is you can improve your qualifying score. You can become a better listener.  362 more words

Chief Adviser to the Holy Spirit

Being a good listener is something I’ve always taken for granted. I’ve never really been concerned about it; I just figured I was one. I mean, … 592 more words

Sensitivity Training

Acts 16:23-40

It’s like you’re all tied up inside a top secret, high security building. Then all of the sudden a James Bond-like gentlemen breaks out of the nearby air vent and sets you free. 227 more words

Fifty Paper Angels

I spent last evening and this morning cutting out fifty paper angels. This is in preparation for the mission trip to Cambodia coming very soon now. 306 more words

Problem-Solving in the "Short Attention Span Theater"

In my 33 years of corporate experience I’ve learned that above all else, being a good listener is the true secret to success. I’ve always followed the adage that since we have two ears and one mouth, we should listen twice as much (at least) as we talk. 685 more words

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