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the wedding planner

Joleen, the bride in this picture will celebrate her 30th High School Class reunion in a couple of weeks.  That should help you guess how old this photograph is. 720 more words


Why I Hate the Post Office

This summer I am working in the administrative offices of an academic camp for high school students, located on a college campus. My co-workers are really cool, I can play Beyonce in the office, and the office environment is very fun and respectful, so for the most part I enjoy my job. 629 more words


12 Simple Rules & Basic Manners to Teach your Child ......ideally before you send them to visit my house :o)

My son and daughter have lovely friends. I love having children here at my house. Now let me rephrase that – I love having well mannered children at my house. 442 more words



CHILDREN are natural mimics .
They act like their parents ,inspite of every attempt
To teach them GOOD MANNERS.


don't call me!

I have been hesitating to write this out but this week a polite, hard-working team of customer service agents has convinced me that it is necessary. 1,137 more words

Good Manners for Grown Ups

I realised, while searching for new music and failing because “all this new stuff sounds like crap”, that I am getting old. Not just 2-day hangover and ‘what did I do to my back old’, but also mentally old. 692 more words