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The Childcare Condundrum

My return to work is imminent and with it and impending sense of doom. Much as I wish (with every damn fibre of my being) I could be a SAHM (check out my use of acronyms) as a newly single mum it’s just not possible. 875 more words

Single Parent

How To Evade Responsibility

I saw quite a revealing article in the news today that shows clearly how parents are evading responsibility for bringing up their children. In a survey of 1000 people by Waitrose, questions about respect and good manners among adults and children were put forward. 745 more words


Later: Montagu

I leap up onto the bed, which is covered with an embroidered rug. The pillows are fat and soft. I doubt very much that their owner has to make do with crackly mice wings and rotting skin. 390 more words

hadith on good manners....

Abu Darda reported that Rasulullah (SAW) said,

“Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one’s good manners.”


Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr said,
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Oh, Happy Day!

Look around you.  Yes, right this moment.  Do you see any living human being in your general area?  If you are at work (are you really suppose to be reading someone’s blog while the boss is paying you?)  do you see a co-worker?   831 more words

Good Behavior

Practice Good Blogging Etiquette, Leave Your Readers Satisfied

Immersing myself in a variety of new and Freshly Pressed blogs recently, I found myself distracted. (It happens. Pause for shocked reaction.) Here’s the thing: it wasn’t the writing. 680 more words


'All the Fours'

The weather has been naff since early yesterday evening and gusts of winds pushing at force 10 caused electricity loss to many homes after they brought down power lines over in the neighbouring County of Dorset. 409 more words

The Streets