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Good Manners for Grown Ups

I realised, while searching for new music and failing because “all this new stuff sounds like crap”, that I am getting old. Not just 2-day hangover and ‘what did I do to my back old’, but also mentally old. 692 more words


Our homes - places of encouragement?

Let’s try to make our homes into places of encouragement. Places where opinions aren’t laughed at, mistakes aren’t pounced on, efforts aren’t derided. Places where effort is rewarded, burdens are shared, honest discussion is encouraged, opinions are respected and all members care for each other. 180 more words

Punch And Judy

It was Sunday night a hair before sunset. I had neurotically gone to the mailbox on the corner to mail my birthday thank you notes, even though the next pickup wasn’t until Monday at noon. 306 more words


Teaching Good Manners: An Aspect of Way of Life Education

I (Clive) appreciated Leah McLaren’s column in the Globe & Mail on Friday. She reported that Tatler editor-in-chief Kate Reardon was recently “pilloried in the British press” for “a graduation speech at a private girls’ school…in which she highlighted the importance of manners over good grades.” Among other things, Reardon said that “if you have good manners people will like you. 265 more words


The Communicability of Good Manners

Manners are very communicable: men catch them from each other.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The urge to successfully imitate superior methods of doing things is universal in nature because the benefits of adopting refined approaches far outweigh the timidity of imitation.

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Social Grace

Order of Prince Edward Island

The Advisory Council to the Order of PEI, why do we need them????Robert Ghiz doesn’t recognize them or follow their recommendations, he is his own one man advisory council. 203 more words