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Modern "Manners" a Misnomer?

I work with the public. I deal with all sorts of people: interesting, boring, aggressive, sweet, surly, needy, independent, aggravating, fun, nerdy, emo, intelligent, stupid, caring, egotistical….. 255 more words

Current Events

Last day in day care

Since Haylee started kindergarden at 5 years; I am determine to continue her for daycare. The reason being lesser burden to my mom who is babysitting Kaizen and also letting her to mix with more friends and learning skills. 210 more words

Haylee Lim

Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive


                Everyone’s a critic, right? Criticism is the act of passing severe judgment as to the merits of anything. It is something we all do sometimes even if we don’t notice it. 609 more words

Nerd Focus

Finishing School


To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

The inherent dividends of schooling the mind are evident in the exponential creation of (relatively) new careers in science and technology, thereby making possible brilliant inventions that bring comfort and luxury.

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Social Grace

Blog 10 - Making yourself attractive to others.


Good manners are the lubricant of social life. They cannot guarantee you lasting friendships, but a lack of them can ruin what was otherwise a potentially happy relationship. 634 more words

A gentleman always remembers

My husband is a true gentleman. He has the best manners of anyone I know. We’ve been married for 39 years, and he still holds doors for me. 122 more words