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Does spring ever get to Finland?

 Poor boy!  I know his sorrow! But here I still sit in Finland (yes, the real country! One can live here after all!). I got this photo from a friend who lives in London and I think British people would say that the season we have here right now is called winter!   158 more words


Alterville master's degree

ALTERVILLE’S Master’s Degree: Political and Strategic Alternatives for the Towns, Cities and Metropolises of Tomorrow is a master’s degree program conceived by the Université de Lyon. 155 more words


A Vision for a Self-Reliant New York!

I want to reblogg this important bloggpost from Archdaily because I get so happy when I read it!

“In an era of incompetent nation states and predatory transnationals, we must ratchet up local self-reliance, and the most logical increment of organisation (and resistance) is the city.” This is how  33 more words


Varför delar så få Stora Enso nyheterna?

Alla tidningar och TV kanaler i Finland och Sverige har de senaste dagarna, både i IRL pressen och online, skrivit och pratat om Stora Enso – dvs om deras utnyttjande av barnarbetare.   828 more words


Their effort to make others happy....

…makes me happy! There are so many good projects in the world! When I see films like Erik Johanssons Photoshop in Real Life I am reminded of how Internet is a wonderful workshop, forum and arena for creative people and can create community.


Vi ska skapa plattform för dialog!

Hoppas kunna skapa nätverk och dialog inom stadsplaneringen i Raseborg och Ekenäs.

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