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The Attack on Endor game for the Oculus Rift DK2 made me too queasy to play it, so this is pretty good news…

I bought a joystick specifically to play this on my 486 SX-25 back in the day.  42 more words

Star Wars

LucasArts Games Released On Good Old Games

Good Old Games have announced that six games from LucasArts are now available to be bought from their online service. 118 more words


X-Wing and TIE Fighter getting digital release!

The long pined for Star Wars space combat simulators Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: TIE Fighter will be getting a digital release on GOG.com according to information dug up on the digital distribution group’s forums. 199 more words

Video Games

采访The Molasses Flood:BioShock Infinite 游戏之后又一大作——The Flame in the Flood

Xsolla有幸与Flame in the Flood的开者之一—————Forrest Dowling行了采访Flame in the Flood款很棒的游 200 more words


First Impressions - Luftrausers

First Impressions is basically what it says on the tin; what I think of a game after playing the first few hours.

Created by Vlambeer and Devolver Digital, Luftrausers is a 2D flying shoot ‘em up based around the concept of customization of your aircraft. 333 more words