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Baby and a Backpack: Pictures from the Book

These are pictures from  the Book I wrote Baby and a Backpack

Living in Bali before I met The Blonde.

Pregnant with Poppy in Glastonbury… 148 more words

Jane Cornelius

Design (learning) process visualised

There is a study in there where the authors (Humantific) asked design students to sketch out their design thinking process. The outcome is quite fascinating externalisation of what students in different schools think they are doing.

Good Reads

Now Reading: White Feminist Apologists

Today on the road to dissertation-ville I returned to Silvia Federici’s Revolution at Point Zero in search of some theoretical musings on sex work. The collection includes a 1999 essay that Federici wrote entitled Reproduction and Feminist Struggle int he New Division of Labor. 152 more words

Domestic Workers

Mapping the Concept of Equitable Growth

A conceptual mapping of equitable growth produced by the Research Team at the Rockefeller Foundation.

Source: http://prezi.com/r-tpnrq6juvr/mapping-the-concept-of-equitable-growth/#

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Pro-social change indicators & metrixes

1. Indicators as Interventions: Pitfalls and Prospects in Supporting Development Initiatives

Improving the well-being of poor and vulnerable people relies on solving systemic problems. The perceived severity of these problems and the success of potential solutions are often measured by information bundled into key indicators. 221 more words

Good Reads