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TRUTHS I want my kids to know: the world needs more good LEADERS

If blogging about raising the next generation has taught me anything, it has taught me that vulnerability is necessary to have a voice in your journey. 550 more words

It Starts With You

TRUTHS I Want My Kids to Know: the company you keep matters

I have a dear friend and colleague, Michele Murphy, KidsChurch Team Leader at Community Covenant Church, who’s parting words to her, now adult boys, have always been: “Pick good friends, make good choices.” I’m sure we all have some similar truths we speak to our children as they walk out the door into the big world, but these two statements capture all the instructions necessary for success! 298 more words

It Starts With You

Fostering a Peaceful Home

Guest post by Nicole Estrella

Our time is limited and valuable. How we choose to spend our time is a testament to what and who we value. 344 more words

It Starts With You