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Day 275 - Thursday after the sixteen Sunday after Pentecost

Read Luke 10:1 – 11:36

Mission of the 70; woes to unrepentant cities; return of the 70; thanks be to God; blesses them; Good Samaritan; Mary & Martha; Lord’s Prayer; teachings, house divided does not stand. 130 more words

Caught On Camera: 'Bad Samaritan' Robs Drunk Santa Cruz Man's Home With Help From Toddler

SANTA CRUZ (CBS SF) — An intoxicated Santa Cruz man was given a ride home by a good Samaritan who turned out to be bad after he robbed the man’s home with the help of a toddler. 174 more words


What Would You Do?

Has anyone ever asked you the question used as the title of this piece? If so, did you feel they were looking for validation, or were testing you in some fashion? 848 more words


Foster Care and the Good Samaritan

(excerpt from a speech I gave to my church’s ladies group in August)

In Luke 10, a religious leader has asked Jesus “Who is my neighbor?” 438 more words

Foster Care

A Second Story Proving "When in Doubt, Do Something!!"

Earlier this year The Good New Review reported on family and strangers who stopped on a freeway to help resuscitate a child in distress.  Now we have a second chapter of strangers doing the right thing to save a life.  181 more words

Feel Good

Stranger donates his kidney and saves life of a dying man

It took just one photo for a stranger to reach out to a dying man, donate one of his kidneys and save the man’s life. 302 more words


The Good Samaritan and Slow Grace

Reblogging this post from bryanpattersonfaithworks.wordpress.com which seems to follow on from some of the thoughts I’ve been having this week, and the importance of slowing down and listening, of being willing to step aside from our own intention plans to stop the downward spiral of those around us who are suffering. 515 more words