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Weekly Quotes for the Misses

I started leaving little quotes printed out on the Misses bathroom mirror for the past few weeks (once school started).  My mommy has instilled in me (reluctantly and received in a glass-half-empty-eye-rolling kind of way) that the power of positive thinking is really a legit thing.   69 more words



Fill the earth
with hope,
flowers bloom
animals roam
with freedom
early morning,
birds tweet
Taste of silence,
unending thought
honey sweet
sadness go away… 30 more words


Yet another one.

Well, I now know for sure that there must be something in the air at the hospital I have gone to for the last 3 years. 989 more words

Glomus Tumor/Paraganglioma

Wish upon a Star!

It didn’t move so it wasn’t an aircraft or satellite. Perhaps a planet but which one? The last lingering star of the night is what I’m going to say as I’d like/want/need a star to wish upon. 109 more words


You have real inner strength

Astrology of the month of Elul part two  

There is a long list of elements that go into the equation that attempts to answer the question “what is the astrological character of this month?” Many of them are known to us from what we call western or standard astrology. 790 more words

Good Thoughts

The door opens from the inside

On the holy day of Rosh Chodesh Elul, the new moon of Elul from the Beit Yaakov of Rabbi Yaakov Leiner, 1828 – 1878 and the Mei Hashiloach of Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner 1801 – 1854. 785 more words

Good Thoughts