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Monday's Positive Pause

When you are able to focus on the positive in your life you will soon see that you have so much to be thankful for. 48 more words

Daily Good Feeling Thoughts...

Make a plan.

I am ahead of my time.

Give yourself a fresh start to day.

Shift your perspective and your attitude follows.

Today I am grateful for the energy that flows easily through me. 169 more words

Good thoughts

Good thoughts …. it’s great to have them all the time, but what are good thoughts? Must they only be happy thoughts? And then we look lovely? 49 more words


Fourth of July

Hey! I hope everyone had a great Independence Day.

We actually had good weather this year. Last year, I remember it rained.

We went down to the city, and spent time a the point, walking around the Regatta, and basically just having a fun time walking around. 73 more words

Good Thoughts

Short and sweet: this is all it is going to be

I leave you to enjoy the rest of your Sunday and not to get bogged down by a long blog post today.

Say thanks to one good thing no matter how large or small that has happened to you each day. 81 more words


The Legend of the Talking Feather

Many winters ago the people received a gift called the Talking Feather. I will share with you the story of how this came to pass. When the call came to the young mothers in the village to take their baskets and gather the fruit and berries, the old grandmothers, whose legs had lost the fast walk and sure foot of the doe, were left to care for the young children. 932 more words