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How To Fold a Fitted Sheet Like a Grandmother

There are certain things in life that are passed down from generation to generation: heirloom China, photo albums, saying “Don’t make me turn this car around” 353 more words

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Men's Breakfast

Meet up with some guys for breakfast on the first Sunday of each month at 8:30am in the gym at St. Paul’s Leaskdale.  Great food, and good to connect!   10 more words

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We are what we eat

“We are what we eat” this is true as the main contact with the body and in the process of leaving is food. Don’t just eat, eat consciously and make sure eating is a benefit to your life not just another task of the day. 302 more words

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Poached Eggs

I’ve already told you that we are big egg fans around this household. However, I never really tried too hard on poaching eggs. I liked them…I just liked it when someone made them for me! 373 more words


Life Hack: Pandora Music to help you study

Pandora Music Life Hack: listen to music by Hans Zimmer while studying or working on urgent work assignments. He is the composer of the film scores for movies like… 49 more words


Permettre à la #jeunesse africaine de devenir « l’#entrepreneur de son propre destin »

Pourquoi  croire en cette jeunesse africaine ? 

” Dakar, Yaoundé, Abidjan, Addis-Abéba, … la  jeunesse ne parle pas la même langue, n’a pas la même culture mais partage la même envie: entreprendre.

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A Broke Girl's Guide to Building Your Record Collection

Guys, remember buying music? Me too. I have fond memories of rifling through Best Buy in search of the latest Hanson CD. (Mmmbop ’til you drop, amirite?) 287 more words

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