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In the heart of every Socialist (American Neo-Liberal, aka Barack Obama) lies a boiling desire for revolution.  Americans saw it on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri where armed criminal revolutionaries boiled forth from peaceful demonstrations. 165 more words

Liberal Thugs

Harry Potter, a love story

Yes. Seriously. I am calling the Harry Potter books a love story, in the best way possible. I have only just finished reading the books and I am half-way through the movies. 761 more words


Another Wardrobe, A New Adventure

If you’ve read my previous post, you know that I’ve begun reading a new fantasy series called The Dark is Rising Sequence, written by Susan… 935 more words

Book Review

God - Analyzed, #8

Robert said : “I was reading some comments made by someone over a certain web article pertaining to all these wars and spread of many diseases. 1,597 more words


Redeemed to Death: Vader Syndrome in Contemporary Western Fiction

A note to start off with:  Jim Butcher made an excellent point in a lecture at this year’s WyrdCon that it’s hard to study fairy stories from adults.   2,186 more words


Human Nature

Years ago, I was in an English Literature class and the theme that we were examining in the different books, poems, and movements we were learning about was human nature.   1,008 more words

A Word of Caution...

I hate to bring up an unpleasant topic. I am an optimist, generally speaking, always looking for and assuming the best of everyone. Still, there’s no denying everyone and every endeavor has a dark side. 853 more words