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Treating Dry Skin

Hey Guys,

I wanted to come back on here and share with you all some tips on treating dry skin in the winter time!

So many of you may not know, but I live in the U.S. 346 more words

Scott Scale 910 helps me sort my fit.

I have finally sorted out my bike for next year. The medium Scott Scale fits like a glove, climbs like a dream and encourages risk taking on slippery, rooty single track. 705 more words


On Climate Change & Weather Modification

Most people worldwide agree we’ve had some kind of climate change. Extreme weather, daisies in December… Some argue mankind has had nothing to do with it, others claim it has everything to do with it and that we should move from coal and oil to more sustainable alternatives. 830 more words

What would be a FAIR good weather & peace program?

A proposal: As historically Chinese doctors have been paid to keep people healthy, interested parties would receive money based on real peace and good weather in countries worldwide. 633 more words

Auntie Lida In Dubai ... The First Few Days ...

Hey everyone … so my Auntie Lida has been here in Dubai since the start of last week … its been so much fun having her around … I hadn’t seen her since Christmas last year so its been great to be able to spend some proper time together … 109 more words

Dubai Life

Oooh! What should I wear?

If you have ever read any of these before you’ll probably be aware that I am more of a rider than a tech man. I am not that into the hardware but am into the riding just as long as my bikes are light enough and work perfectly. 473 more words

These are some pictures I took in the fall on a walk by the lake. Thinking better get out before it snows. It has yet to snow here in Alberta Canada, or at least not in the middle where I am. 107 more words