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Closed for summer

Happy weekend in Greenland! =)

In Greenland, almost all people have a summer vacation. This means that work is pretty empty; and even the finest restaurants in Greenland can take a short break. 80 more words



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If the old lore holds true, this makes for 8 snow events in January.

What a pleasant weather day we had yesterday.  100 more words


Welcome to Summer.

Milan: today is the first real summer day. Better late than never.
Blue sky, clear. For weeks, a long awaited dream.
A stable weather calms the emotional state of the human and highlights our greatest weakness, our absolute vulnerability: the mood.


A day with the family

Today was a good day. Despite my mood being so low last night, I woke up feeling a lot better this morning. The weather was beautiful outside also, and I think that really helped matters. 447 more words

Photo bomb

Spending the day in warm weather, under gorgeous sun and enjoying the light breeze then…snap…click…boom I just got photo bombed. ;-)


Dark Days.

“When we look up, it widens our horizons. we see what a little speck we are in the universe, so insignificant, and we all take ourselves so seriously, but in the sky, there are no boundaries. 10 more words


Miss Sunshine

Over here in the UK the weather has been “For the most part” pretty good the last few days with the sun shining real bright. How could I not create some thing bright and colourful to make a change from the usual dark pallets. 11 more words