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Getting Rid of the Stuff !

Getting Rid of the Stuff !

One of the things that often keep us from mentally crossing that bridge into retirement is the sheer volume of “stuff” that you have accumulated during a life of raising kids and just buying things over several decades of family life. 914 more words

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Be The Change You Want To See In The World

You can see the video linked in this post http://taishka.com/2014/01/22/you-are-enough/

It’s a commercial but a Damn good one!

Your origin has nothing to do with your journey, destination or who you are: 65 more words

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The Ram and His Ewe

The Ram and His Ewe

by Honey Me Chris on September 22.  © Victoria Lynn Voll, All rights reserved


feel my identity


core… 218 more words


Open Handed Fragility

Open Handed Fragility

by Honey Me Chris on September 19.  © Victoria Lynn Voll, All rights reserved

The nest

I have made

in your smile carries… 79 more words



Scored at Goodwill today. Hot Dog Salt Shaker. I couldn’t find the bun.

Things We Love

Faith in Humanity Restored

On Sunday I was patiently sitting in Starbuck’s wildly long drive thru line, smiling as the kids sang along to some unknown song.  I wanted coffee.  206 more words

A Little Happy

Staying Together May Only Require Having that Next Conversation

I am about to share something with you – something that is going to blow your mind.

A familiar scene is set. You’re there. Your partner is there. 715 more words

Relationship Survival Tips