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This Good Woman: Chef Aryen Moore-Alston

Aryen Moore-Alston has always been one of the most talented people that I know. Aryen can write you a software program, do the graphic design for a brochure, perform an original dance, bring life to a character in a play, and cook you an amazing meal. 84 more words

Good Woman

The Dating Filter: Are You Truly Waiting for Your Chosen One or Rejecting Who You Don't Want?


“No, not him. He’s got extra weight on him.”

“I don’t trust attractive men.”

“She’s not as heavy as my wife was. I want someone heavier.” 3,209 more words


Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

…And by Cowboys, I mean the hard workers, the gentlemen, who know right from wrong; that an honest handshake and staring straight in the eye, went with holding to his word because it is his bond; the honest and true men who know how to saddle up a wild stallion while tying that lone piece of hay (or cigarette, but gag!), that’s hanging from his mouth, into knots with his tongue? 364 more words


Lions, Tigers, & Bear-ly Tolerable: Internet OZ

THIS WEEK, in honor of SUNRISE in a LEMON SKY, the Blog will highlight the major topics within the book.

Before embracing the world wide web of spin-doctors, I relied on friends to set me up. 234 more words

Divorce And Second Chances

Good Woman

I am not a good woman.

All I can offer are
flowers wrapped around
wrists and tears blinked
back to corners of eyes.

A good woman could keep… 40 more words

Poem A Day

2028. Female Blessings at Birth — 37-39

This is the thirteenth group and I’m grateful for your earlier responses.

I continue taking the list of female blessings for a test drive and your examination. 625 more words

Female Nature

True a good woman usually will always remain a good woman, however the man who loves her will always view her as being beautiful.

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