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Doers of the Word

I just returned from my fourth year of organizing and teaching a Science Camp at Machen Retreat Center in McDowell, VA.  What a privilege I have to work with a team of people, that God provides and puts together, each with their own unique gifts and talents, yet all working to serve and glorify our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. 704 more words


The End Game

In Greek, the word telos is sometimes translated as ‘goal’ and sometimes as ‘end’.  It’s the point of it all, perhaps.

The whole goal of God for me in learning of His free grace is this: 323 more words

Free Grace

Do you have the courage to live by your convictions?

There is nothing noble in my post today. Rather my reflections come from a place of immense sadness. Like too many people I lost someone I admired, and a friend, when Malaysian Airlines flight M17 was brought down late last week.

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The Mind and Will of God

The priesthood lesson yesterday was titled, “Honoring the Priesthood Keys Restored through Joseph Smith.” I suspect (assume) that the emphasis in our discussion was no different than most quorums throughout the world, studying the same topic. 1,046 more words

Learning By Faith

rolling up one's sleeves

Sometimes there’s no better answer than simply to roll up one’s sleeves and get to work in what one believes God has called them to do, seeking to grow in faith through it. 160 more words




Dr. John Gerstner discusses Christian good works and takes a question from the audience about ‘the carnal Christian.’

The date and location is unknown. 64 more words


What We Call Sweet Fruits...

Einstein’s theory of relativity might sound like brilliance, but the reality of relativity is the condition of the natural man.

Relativism: is the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are…

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Learning By Faith