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PR writing is key in Youth Oasis campaign

In any communication course, book or blog, you will learn that good writing is the most important skill to have in the mass media field. It is the backbone to creating and communicating messages. 463 more words

I feel a little proud

I managed to write a chapter to a story that I’m rewriting because the last draft wasn’t turning out so well. It’s nothing to the ten handwritten pages I raved about a while back but it’s a good start. 395 more words


Excuse Me, I Can Write.

What is good writing?

For me, it’s when the words flow effortlessly, almost like a smooth melody that continues to draw me in.

I’d like to think my passion for writing goes hand-in-hand with my passion for reading. 227 more words


I need coffee and my comfort zone to make magick.

Good writing, like anything else in life is a process. The more repetitive the process, the more consistent the results. For me, a large piece of this is timing and setting. 493 more words

Writing Insights

A Legal Point of View

Most of the blogs and websites that I read are either humourous or to do with fashion and current trends. When one seems to be constantly studying certain topics, in my case law and public life, it becomes tedious to read about these subjects in your free time as well. 496 more words

Reading Journal

What is a Good Writer?

What is a good writer? To answer this question, you have to examine what it means to be “good” and what it means to be a “writer,” and then fuse those two definitions together. 822 more words

Writing Process(es)