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Words--Their Weft & Warp 31

Words. Unusual words. Forgotten words. Foreign words. And some whose authenticity one may question, but are fun anyway. In other words, not your average grade 4 spelling list. 15 more words

Christina M Janz

Being Writerly

I will start this post with a long sigh. You can’t see it or hear it, but take it on good faith that that’s what I’m doing right now. 530 more words

Writing/Fiction Stuff

Dangerous Writing - Quote (62)

“A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.” — Tobias Wolff


Fat Girls In Des Moines

I first read “Fat Girls In Des Moines” in 1988 in Granta, a literary magazine (yes, I know, save it). It’s still around. Anyway, Bill Bryson, the author, was an American ex-pat at some point who later moved back to the States. 177 more words

My Favorite Things

Good Writing Pyramid

“Good writing – empathy, attention to detail, broad general knowledge, logic, clarity of thought, persuasiveness, self-critique, appreciation for rules (and the smarts to break them), self-discipline, ability to prioritise, sensitivity to cliche and stereotype – and much more.” — Anonymous

Writing Helps

PR writing is key in Youth Oasis campaign

In any communication course, book or blog, you will learn that good writing is the most important skill to have in the mass media field. It is the backbone to creating and communicating messages. 463 more words

I feel a little proud

I managed to write a chapter to a story that I’m rewriting because the last draft wasn’t turning out so well. It’s nothing to the ten handwritten pages I raved about a while back but it’s a good start. 395 more words