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Activities for the Week of Sep 22

Let’s do some detail work this week! I mean by that, let’s help your child to understand and recognize the important details in what they’re writing. 904 more words


What’s on my Bedside Reading Table?

Lots of good fiction to read this month! Some of the books have been so riveting that they’ve even kept me up past my bedtime. 669 more words


Cliché - The Teacher's Friend

As a writer I try to avoid cliché wherever possible, to the point of paranoia. But, in planning a creative writing workshop*, I realised that, from the perspective of a language student, cliché is the best thing that can happen for their English.  754 more words


Falling with Helium

You open the doors that closed behind me when I walked in
Humility resonates outside of me for only you to see
Fly away I long for the sky to blanket me… 171 more words


Required Blog: Worst Website I Have Ever Visited.


I visited this site a few years back and the fact that I remembered that this site was online is evidence to how negative an impact it had and how the visual aspect of it took away from the opinionated information it provides. 286 more words



I received an interesting question from an English teacher in Iran who wanted to know the differences, if any, between “must” and “have to/has to.” This is an interesting question because the expressions are nearly identical. 680 more words


Confession: Twilight Inspired Me! (10 Books that Have Stuck With Me)

So, I’m a little late, but I’ve decided not to do this challenge on Facebook. Instead, I’ll make it into a blog post! It may take me a little longer than a few minutes, but yolo, right? 929 more words