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Why Blog?

This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to keep a blog and it may not be the last, but I thought if I were to describe why I was intent on keeping one I may actually keep it up. 383 more words

Bad Writing

Reading some of the reviews on Goodreads

I decided to read some of the reviews on some of the books I’ve started to read/will be reading soon.

Some of the reviews was on some work of an author that I like (whom I won’t mention). 114 more words


308. Straighten your back!

Straighten your back! Lift up your chin! Don’t slouch there in the corner, like a discarded bag of rice. Where is the proud man that I once knew? 272 more words

Flash Fiction

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Recommended reading. Flash fiction under 300 words -- nicely done! :) (Comments disabled here. Please comment under the original thread—thanks!)

A Spy Among Friends - Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal, Ben Macintyre

ISBN 978-0-8041-3663-1

Thanks to Blogging for Books, I just finished, A Spy Among Friends – Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal.

Certainly a good read, one which incredulity spikes about every other page. 452 more words


Bad Books, and Why They're (Sometimes) Worth Reading

Books are pretty fucking amazing.  They’re stories, and stories are: distillations of our fears, hopes, dreams, desires, forbidden hopes, and philosophical musings. They’re symbolism.  They invent patterns in nature, and meaning from chaos. 745 more words


Beyond Contempt: Does Money Buy Justice?

Peter Jukes has written an important book. The book is important because of what it reveals about UK politics, media, and justice. The case connects these areas. 1,751 more words


My Biggest Issues with Mainstream Fiction

For me, there are two types of books. I will admit, I enjoy the first the most: a good plot, well-thought out characters, interesting themes, and ultimately, a book with something to say. 434 more words