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Stupid..and Smart

Here’s a yin and yang post for your afternoon delectation.  I’m still trying to get some time to do a big honker post for y’all, but day job and a true 1st world problem — the start of a massive kitchen remodel on Monday — mean that I haven’t two thoughts to rub together. 641 more words


Discussed Themes vs Obscured Themes

Authors who are actively interested in raising questions and engaging their audience intellectually tend to go for discussed themes or obscured themes, because these are the ones that draw the reader’s eyes to the message and ideas. 897 more words


Take a Stand

Are you wishy-washy in your blog posts?

It seems as though this is a common problem. People set out to write a blog, and they are afraid of being ‘wrong’. 319 more words


What to do when writing tips contradict

The only constant when it comes to writing advice is inconsistency.

There are times when I wish someone would come up with a template for writing a creative, impactful and commercially successful novel in “Just 10 Easy Steps!” While there are no shortage of textbooks and self-help guides for writers, I fear there’s no one surefire way to become the best writer you can be. 957 more words


Creativity & Catharsis

Writerly Rant #43

by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Freelance Writer.

I just went to see an action packed summer blockbuster flick that’s been getting mixed reviews from fans and press alike. 502 more words



What is a word that describes the middle ground between black and white? What about a word that describes the middle ground between big and small? 748 more words