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Happy 450th birthday, Will Shakspear

During his lifetime William Shakespeare spelled his last name in a variety of ways; I’m rather fond of ‘Shakspear’ myself.

Will Shakspear was born 450 years ago this year. 328 more words


What is the Secret of Great Writing?

Ask Your Brain ANY Question!

From time to time I practice a creative writing exercise by which I pose a question to my brain and then let it respond honestly, openly, spontaneously and freely to what it really thinks. 359 more words


Thoughts on Writing Process 2

“Show, Don’t Tell”

When I attended a conference a few years ago Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist Rick Bragg talked about “color.” He talked about writing in color or using visual description in your work to create a picture for the reader. 276 more words

Changing your point of view to tell a more compelling story

For years I’ve wanted to write an algorithm that would predict whether a story is emotionally compelling or not. This would be a major breakthrough for natural language processing. 1,991 more words

GlobalGiving Storytelling Project

In Praise of Olaf, the Actual Character

I recently saw Frozen for the second time. I understand this puts me behind the average Frozen fan by about ten viewings, but in my defense I am rather broke. 872 more words

Good Writing

People don’t share body parts.

Writers can create strange visual images if they forget this simple rule. Consider this sentence.

“When people get a good idea in their head, they should act on it.” 263 more words


VA Must-Have Skill: Good Writing

As a virtual assistant (VA), one of your basic tasks is handling emails. Handling emails require responding to some. You have to be mindful of the words you choose, the flow of your sentences and the cohesiveness of your paragraphs. 349 more words