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Brian Turner on "American Sniper"

“When one of the children we often joked with threw a grenade into the vacant building we used as an observation post, a building we’d just handed off to the Second Platoon, it was a hard lesson in the reality of war, one that steeled us away from placing any amount of trust in a single soul during our year in-country.” 85 more words


New website owners want instant money

Self confidence and good writing skills are not enough to have a good blog. You have to have a subject. Yet if the people don’t like the subject, you have to make them like it, or at least make them click the title and read the first sentence. 46 more words

No Cure For Stupidity

Writing List

I like to share this as it was very inspiring to me.

I got this from this website: http://www.natashalester.com.au/

Bookmark this website and follow her insightful posts about writing. 103 more words

Review: Jazz by Cristian Mihai

 Jazz by Cristian Mihai is a novel about a lovesick Chris Sommers who leaves his hometown of New York City to go to Paris in pursuit of Amber, the outrageously beautiful but always-falling-for-the-wrong-guy type. 496 more words


The Powers of Observation

January is a great time to hone some of your writing skills. This month I’m working on character description. Doing this requires that you actually leave your warm house, venture out to places where there will be all sorts of people to look at, and then record their various features and mannerisms. 439 more words


I Think; Therefore I Write

There is no doubt in my mind (and many other people’s, too) that good writing and critical thinking go hand in hand. In order to effectively get our message across in writing, we have to start with a base. 163 more words

Writing Process

Write Through

I think at the end of this class I realized how important grammar is to some people and why. Depending on your own point of view you might have a different opinion about why some people don’t use correct grammar and others do. 113 more words