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Magic & Fantasy: Part 2 - Good vs. Evil

One thing I love about fantasy is the ability to show the battle between Good and Evil in a more vivid and clear way.  In fantasy there are shinning heroes vs. 618 more words


Miso Lime Eggplant

There are so many things that make eggplant look bad, but this is one of them that, how do you say — don’t. If you don’t already like eggplant, you should try it. 258 more words

Is Good Bad and Bad Good?

I was thinking about this randomly and I thought “is a sad backstory good?”

Heroes, especially known ones, tend to have loss. Most people in the Comic book universe do but if you want to feel for a character and care about them then it almost seems like a requirement. 543 more words


Tea Time for Your Hair?

Hey all! Now that summer seems to be fully here (at least in the UK) many people start to desire lighter coloured hair, me among them, to create that extra summery look! 385 more words


People just aint no good

Relatively recently, a few groups of religious, ideological settlers, fleeing persecution in their birth countries, moved into a previously occupied piece of land, killing and pushing out the indigenous population who had inhabited it for a relatively long time. 589 more words

Breakfasts And Booze

Acknowledge the Bad, Focus on the Good

Acknowledge the bad, focus on the good. I don’t know if I saw this saying somewhere or completely made it up myself, but I feel like it has helped me so much already. 484 more words


Possibility Results 1: Blessings

So we find ourselves with 48 hours passed already. My results probably aren’t the most striking of those you will read about (no surprise Ferrari here), but I’m intrigued enough to continue down the road on to my next experiment. 337 more words