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Our churches need prosperity gospel because the world does too (part two)

So on Monday I may have started my blog post off with some controversial first paragraphs about needing more prosperity gospel in our church. Basically I think the church needs to be better at showing why following Jesus does give us prosperous lives. 668 more words




This post is basically to sum up my experience at a certain optometry/eyewear store.

I actually went to this store twice because I knew I wanted to get a pair of glasses from their store but the first day I went in, I didn’t have any funds to actually purchase the glasses, nor did I have a prescription.

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Macbeth and Divine Order

Chung Chin-Yi

Research scholar

National University of Singapore



Indeed to Macbeth life has become meaningless, he feels that he is a mere player in life, manipulated by darker forces to commit a heinous crime and ultimately face destruction and consequences for it, but the truth is Macbeth faced a series of choices in which he repeatedly chose to sin and err and hence is entrapped in the consequences he has to face by divine justice catching up with him after he has erred on the side of evil. 39 more words

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Do We Get It?

I have to admit, I find myself appalled by a lot of the reaction in regards to the situation in Ferguson.  What drives me even more crazy is people who support the people who are stirring up violence, rioting, looting stores, etc.  1,476 more words


The Million Dollar Question

Genesis 31, Matthew 23:37–24:28, Ecclesiastes 7:13–21

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” This is an ancient question, though often asked as if it’s new. 240 more words


Make time for the good things...

We should remember from time to time what makes us keep moving.  Our motives and our passions… our hobbies and our great loves…. they are there and we shouldn’t take them for granted.  6 more words

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No human being, when you understand his desires, is worthless. No one’s life is nothing. Even the most evil of men and women, if you understand their hearts, had some generous act that redeems them, at least a little…

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