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Here we sit on December 21st with 4 days left until Christmas, and while enjoying my coffee this morning I’ve been reading blogs about the very day itself. 587 more words

Light vs. Dark

I’ve just come back from a holiday, I saw cats everywhere, even up a mountain.
I’m so confused over what to do.
I just drew a whole handful of angel oracle planetary cards telling me things I’ve been told before, and one astrological card, my sun sign. 227 more words

Quotes #2

I am a 99% Angel, but oh baby that 1% …


(All On Their Own Survived Remained Righteous During Their Tribulation Lives (Not Trials Or Tests!) Would Know THIS ! > Our Enemies Went On On Increasing In Their Sinning/Evil Against Us Because We Went On On Overcoming Their Every Single Attempt 2 Kill Us (While God Stood By Watched Got Everything That He Wanted From Us) & Because We Remained Righteous (Evil Righteous CaNNot Live In The Same Apartment/House Together) , They CouldN't Stand Our FIRE Which Was More Powerful Than Their Fire & They Kept Us (Who Are Exceptional Speakers) Suppressed, Oppressed, Silenced Imprisoned Because They (Who Are Really Demons Evil Spirits In Human Bodies) Are NOT Good With Words -Haha! 51 more words


When Seneca met Santa

When Seneca met Santa, he was just then writing something about what it was to lead a good life. ¬†And so it was that Santa said to him, “Well, Seneca, have you been good this year?” 442 more words


sounds good

better as the music

as the river

how it leads

and those are the making

and the issues

of the common

stand around

do as you please… 46 more words


Best Attractive Nuisance

Leave negativity behind. Better yet do NOT attract negativity. Ever walked into your house and you feel that negative energy!?! Sometimes is just the people who are there. 210 more words