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Before we can see skin color color or know someone’s political affiliation, we listen to breaths & heartbeats.


And now for something different...

Made it through the Fourth of July and Panda Bear’s wedding (without killing anyone or anything).  We swore after the hectic pace of the last few days that once the wedding was done we were going to go home, lock the doors, unplug the phones, get into comfortable clothes, and do absolutely nothing the rest of the day except be as lazy as possible (except to go out for half-price shakes after 8 at Sonic).  1,988 more words


Listen to your thoughts. Seriously, listen to them; the positive and negative ones. Are they different? If so, how?

Are they in first person, or are they in second &/or third person?

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Hard to Say

Many think that communication is easy,

simply open our mouths while sound emits. But in reality, speaking is an art form.

Our thoughts often impede with what we’re communicating, usually through some form of fear. 275 more words