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Bye, Bye Buddy.

There’s an odd feeling when you’re leaving somewhere you’ve come to know so well. A feeling of gratitude. A feeling of fear. A feeling of relief. 707 more words


xii: it's not goodbye, it's ill see you later.

these are a series of haikus about a boy that left me hanging when he said he wouldn’t (so dumb to believe that) but here’s my insomnia, waiting for him to come back. 235 more words


Goodbye... is only temporary

To all the friendly faces we’ve met in Namibia,

I have used about a month to process the fact that we had already left Namibia, after 3 weeks of researching, interviewing, making friends, and sightseeing. 386 more words

A dream? A nightmare?

You are a dream within a dream,
With you, things are never as they seem.

In reality, we fight, then disappear
In my dream, somehow we stand so near. 24 more words


GoodBye Job!

Welcome to the horrible world of being an everyday worker. As a student, I took up an internship at a large rental theater near my neighborhood in the (oh so fabulous) city of Chicago. 274 more words

Berlin-alles ist möglich

I spent my second to last day in Berlin on a mission to find a specific piece of graffiti. Since I had seen the image on some polaroid magnets in souvenir shops and aufm Flohmarkt, I wanted to see it in person. 505 more words

the end

“The journey is sorry for being the cause of distance.”
-Atahualpa Yupanqui; and graffiti on the building next to my apartment

Today, for the first time in more than two years, I woke up in my parents’ house in Massachusetts, knowing that I didn’t have a flight to Madrid awaiting me in the upcoming weeks. 594 more words

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