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“May you fall in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake”

-Michael Faudet

“I had practiced my goodbye too many times, perfected the art, learnt the lines, but every time you said “hello”, I forgot every letter I ever penned in the 377 goodbye letters I so far wrote.”

- Self

A Shade Of Pen

Leaving what we once called home.

So Friday 22nd August came and it was time for us to leave. As I was getting ready and getting our cases sorted, I could tell that the people we were leaving behind were struggling to control their emotions. 426 more words

So long farewell

I’m sure everyone has noticed that we’ve been pretty absent around these parts lately. The fact that there’s been no new post since 25th June will tell you that. 152 more words


Thoughts on Love and Leaving

It’s my last day in Mumias and I am struggling to write an honest post that captures my simultaneous relief, excitement, sadness, apprehension, and confusion about leaving Kenya tomorrow. 622 more words

Murphy's Law

Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong ~ Murphy’s Law”

If you’re any good at using common sense, I bet you can figure out that this title does not precede happiness and rainbows.

827 more words


I was hoping I might see you at the airport. I was hoping you would want to see me off. Like you’d be waiting with a bouquet of flowers and just as I’m looking for where to check in for my flight, our eyes meet. 144 more words