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Barbara's Goodbye

She was looking forward to the surgery.  After 7 months of various chemotherapy treatments to shrink the large and spreading tumors, especially the one on her liver, this was likely to be the end to nearly a year of tests and procedures on the long, drawn out train ride that is cancer.   941 more words

Loving Dogs is Worth the Sadness of Goodbye

Loving me means loving dogs.

When I listed the qualities I wanted in a partner, MUST LOVE DOGS was non-negotiable.

Be careful what you wish for. 508 more words


I couldn’t abandon the place where

I have you in my thoughts –

in my heart.

Knowing that everytime I try

to walk away,

I can totally feel the hole in my heart. 19 more words


Never Say Goodbye

I’ll light a smoke to calm my nerves
I’ll close my eyes and see your curves
The way you shine
Captures my heart and mind… 114 more words




blow your strongest.


wash it all away.


go and reach the west.

Come on,

just call it a day.


hold it all in. 26 more words


Vicious Memories

Titliyaan, yaadon ki udti jaaye; rangon mein mujhse kuch , kehti jaaye – Strings

There’s nothing like ‘ Good Memories ‘ . Memories are always bad.

323 more words


The other day, I found out that one of my friends from high school, someone that I have to admit, I have lost touch with, moved to another state.   159 more words