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''I need you at the pay-per-view'' (The First Pinfall Counts Ep. 37)

efore Tommy embarked on his flight, he told goodbye to Freddie, he said his goodbyes to his mother promising her that he would try to visit more in the future. 899 more words


After Everything

Rage flourishes in me

Every single time the words vanish

After they dance in my brain a second ago

The concept disappears, my tongue gets cold… 94 more words

Bye Bye High School :')

Hello there !

Hehe i just cannot believe the fact that i’m officially not a high school student anymore, finally ! The moment that i’ve been waiting for since i was 7 years old finally came :’)Usually, i’ll get jealous seeing people finishing high school but now ohmy…. 327 more words


"I've got to get out":Part II-Addiction and being lonely

On April 11th, I wrote the Corporate Bartender a goodbye note because I knew that if the “Beautiful Man” was going to be around-that I could not be and I didn’t want my visceral reaction to seeing them together to ruin our friendship. 548 more words


What I Meant When I Said Goodbye


There’s something I want to say.



Explore the world.

Don’t mind me, I’m OK.

Leave now. Turn your back from me.

Don’t turn your back from me. 22 more words


Bitter sweet goodbyes...fresh starts

One of my favorite songs goes, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”…and as a person who sees things as half full, I tend to believe in that…today is the end of one chapter in my life, my last day at work. 120 more words




Just wanted to say goodbye to whoever reads this. I’m deleting my blog. I thought it was fun when i started it but it really is a lot of work and i am really busy doing other stuff. 7 more words

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