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Beauty School Dropout

Just some lighthearted selfie fun before some long intellectual conversations with some spectacular new persons.

When in doubt, take mirrored photos with your doggie because she’ll still be madly in love with you despite how ridiculous you are (just kidding, she’ll fucking hate you because she doesn’t like being in front of the camera). 7 more words

Personal Experience

Harlow Jude, the Goof.

Harlow Jude is really funny. We call her a little trickster; she’ll come up to you and pretend to hand you something and then run away with it laughing. 194 more words

Harlow Jude

August 7th, 2014; Naples, Italy

Fail. In all of my Joy Division-based excitement, I forgot that it was One Shot Wednesday! Therefore, it’s officially the first One Shot Thursday!

Wannabe — Spice Girls

Song Of The Day

REVIEW: A New Worlds Comics Close-Up

(New Worlds Comics, 2014)

A New Worlds Comics Close-up
Goof #4 and Wynter #3
Written by Guy Hasson
Art by Borja Pindado and Aron Elekes… 896 more words

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Real life isn't Really easy

Take Our PollStop and think for a minute the number of days you have gone without being stressed, getting in an argument, having an unexpected problem, health issue or just a good ole fashion bad day. 496 more words