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Harlow Jude, the Goof.

Harlow Jude is really funny. We call her a little trickster; she’ll come up to you and pretend to hand you something and then run away with it laughing. 194 more words

Harlow Jude

August 7th, 2014; Naples, Italy

Fail. In all of my Joy Division-based excitement, I forgot that it was One Shot Wednesday! Therefore, it’s officially the first One Shot Thursday!

Wannabe — Spice Girls

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REVIEW: A New Worlds Comics Close-Up

(New Worlds Comics, 2014)

A New Worlds Comics Close-up
Goof #4 and Wynter #3
Written by Guy Hasson
Art by Borja Pindado and Aron Elekes… 896 more words

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Real life isn't Really easy

Take Our PollStop and think for a minute the number of days you have gone without being stressed, getting in an argument, having an unexpected problem, health issue or just a good ole fashion bad day. 496 more words

And So the Journey Begins...

3:21 am, yeah not kidding. I woke up at 3:21 and after that there was no going back to sleep, I was wide awake. It even felt like the middle of the day. 586 more words