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TMZ asks Lori Loughlin about RAD sequel

TMZ tracked down Lori Loughlin, the childhood crush of many a BMXer, and asked her the question we all want to know, “Any chance of a… 13 more words

Old School

The Inner Clown

Sometimes it is entirely necessary to acknowledge the fool and the helpless, hopeless clown that lives inside us all. Okay, I hear what you are thinking.   491 more words

In the Mind's Eye

So, why do I write what I write, and why do I draw what I draw?  The answer to those questions is critical to why I am me and not you, or some other goofy-stupid-crazy-intellectual-boring-weird-nutty person.   357 more words

Colored Pencil

Midterm Elections

Politics is, unfortunately, a game with rigged rules that you and I need to win, but have only a snowball’s chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks of winning.  Why do we need to win?   730 more words

Walter Mitty

I am still recovering from a heart-attack scare, and as a part of my regimen of rest and fluids, I watched the DVD of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  527 more words

The Uses of Background

In fiction, a good background or setting can be home to more than one character.  In art, too, you can use the same background in more than one picture. 13 more words

Daniel Tosh calls out Cru Jones

Comedian Daniel Tosh called out Cru Jones recently.

According to Tosh, “Cru Jones did not deserve to race Helltrack.”

Could one of BMX’s most beloved icons be…gasp… a cheat?

Old School