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Birthday Anxiety and the Modern Mom

Confession: I hate my kids’ birthdays.

Not because of any trauma associated with the experience of birth (though goodness knows there was plenty of that). But because of residual anxiety I have regarding a long history of my own sucky childhood birthdays. 731 more words


Making a Meme

Trying to do social media marketing for my book tends to be a lot of sharing of memes.  (Is that pronounced “Meeems” or “Meemees”?)  I borrow stuff from others and post it based on my values, my politics, and my notions of what is wisdom.   132 more words

More Paffooney Progress!

As you can see, I made a tiny bit of progress over yesterday… but in many different ways.  I got my son to finish his week’s worth of online school despite his not being completely well.   410 more words

A New-Old Project

What is the meaning of the naked piano player?  Remember the naked guy playing at the beginning of episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?  I had a friend who painted a naked boy playing piano in high school art class.  227 more words

If You'd Like To Comment On My Pregnancy, Please Avoid The Following Phrases

This morning as I put away my purse and got my essential things (smoothie, cell phone, water.) set out on my desk for the day, a co-worker came into my office. 1,196 more words


True confessions of a chalupa addict

Every now and then I realize that I am a grown up. I have a car and a decent amount of change lying around the house. 777 more words


What matters....

I’m taking a class, online, about documenting your everyday life. I took a ton of photos when the boys were little. As they got older and we became much busier, I quit taking as many photos, except for the “big” events – holidays, birthdays, etc. 71 more words