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Today is our wedding anniversary. It’s not a remarkable day otherwise… normal every Monday stuff. But I think my day is made better just by remembering the ceremony and celebration that sealed us together before God, friends and family. 112 more words

My Story

It is July...Again?!!

Yes, it is July! Where has the time gone? I kid you not…I ask that question more and more often as I get older. The frequency of the question is more or less dependent upon how busy my world is at any particular time. 1,203 more words

Rockin' the eye of the tiger on an SE Quad

Now this is the way to start your day!

Rocking Eye of the Tiger and taking on the mean streets of the city riding a cruiser, … 17 more words


Why I Love Pro-Wrestling Episode 5

Stuff I Loved In Spite of Myself

No company in the history of man has ever done everything right all the time.   Sports entertainment companies are no different and I’ll definitely be posting on the truly terrible mistakes in a future episode.  911 more words


Mr. B Gets Weepy

They were going to make me cry sooner or later. I told you that. Today was the day. In the midst of trying to get everything done without actually teaching, they surprised me with a multi-level “We Will Miss You… And We Love You” poster. 112 more words

Post No Ads Here! No, really! This is NOT an Advertisement... this is ART.

I’m trying to self promote without really appearing to self promote. Honestly, they tell me that blogging to promote my books is something you should just do and have fun doing. 29 more words