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Expelling Evil (and his Grammar Nazis) Part One

Do you remember when Dr. Evil took over Mickey’s Library with his evil minions and Grammar Nazi’s?  No?  Well, the Action-Hero-Guy team charged with protecting the library didn’t either… until finally today one of the Barbies complained that Dr. 296 more words


Ralph Bakshi

I was a Disney kid.  I grew up with Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio,  and Jungle Book.  But then I grew up and went to college and all my Disney dreams were dashed.   530 more words


Blowing Up My Brain (Accidentally, of Course)

Yesterday was my best day for views ever on WordPress.  I crossed the 100 view, 59 visitors per hour barrier.   How the heck did that happen?   303 more words


The Barbie Shelf

Goofy-guy doll collector, me, will now give you a grand tour of the Barbie Shelf.  This is a place in my home that was originally created by the previous owners of the house.   866 more words



This is my library, the place where I keep my books.  It is also a place for my doll collection and the Dungeons and Dragons game that I’ve been playing with my kids for more than a decade.   414 more words


Paffooney Updates #2 - Following the Plan

Okay, you should begin to see now that I am actually capable of finishing a project step by step.  Take no note of the fact that I have done a number of creative and wacky things in a scheduled order that looks like I put my to-do list in the mixing bowl and beat it to pieces with a wire Whisk.   450 more words


Humor Me (Humor? Me?)

I am wondering now if it is appropriate to call what I do in my writing and my cartooning humor.  I tell stories.  As a school teacher in both junior high and high school, I told stories in class and made kids laugh.   553 more words