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The Uses of Background

In fiction, a good background or setting can be home to more than one character.  In art, too, you can use the same background in more than one picture. 13 more words

Daniel Tosh calls out Cru Jones

Comedian Daniel Tosh called out Cru Jones recently.

According to Tosh, “Cru Jones did not deserve to race Helltrack.”

Could one of BMX’s most beloved icons be…gasp… a cheat?

Old School

Things You Probably Ought to Know about Mickey

As Mickey’s go, the one who is writing this is a moderately interesting example of the breed.  Still, there are things you probably ought to be made aware of.   504 more words

Birthday Anxiety and the Modern Mom

Confession: I hate my kids’ birthdays.

Not because of any trauma associated with the experience of birth (though goodness knows there was plenty of that). But because of residual anxiety I have regarding a long history of my own sucky childhood birthdays. 731 more words


Making a Meme

Trying to do social media marketing for my book tends to be a lot of sharing of memes.  (Is that pronounced “Meeems” or “Meemees”?)  I borrow stuff from others and post it based on my values, my politics, and my notions of what is wisdom.   132 more words

More Paffooney Progress!

As you can see, I made a tiny bit of progress over yesterday… but in many different ways.  I got my son to finish his week’s worth of online school despite his not being completely well.   410 more words

A New-Old Project

What is the meaning of the naked piano player?  Remember the naked guy playing at the beginning of episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?  I had a friend who painted a naked boy playing piano in high school art class.  227 more words