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Magical Moments

There comes a time, a moment of truth, in which a decision has to be made, a problem has to be solved.  In the teaching business those moments can occur once per hour, or fifty times in the space of two minutes.   415 more words


Final Star Trek Confessions

I am sorry, but today’s post will probably bore you unless you are a doll-collecting, obsessive-compulsive bag of mixed nuts like I am.  These are the kinds of details that only interest the true collect-a-holic.   337 more words


The Rest of the Star Trek Collection

I am guilty of owning more dolls in my Star Trek collection.  Here is the Next Generation set.

  You may notice that I still have work to do.   92 more words


The Rules for Collecting

  Oh, no… My secret is out.  I am a doll collector.  (Wait, wasn’t I supposed to claim they are “action figures” so that I can get away with being a man who, at the age of nearly 60, still plays with dolls?”)  I got started down this dark path back in 1965 when my parents bought me a G.I. 742 more words


Goofy Me

The more I looked at the silly simpering grin on my old foolish face, the more I realized it needed a few things added.  So I added a few of my dream babies.   71 more words


Happy Doodle... Now in Color!

Here is what it looks like in color.  I fussed it up with markers because I like the bright colors.  It helps it say “happy”.


Can You Draw Happy?

I have had to report racing heartbeats every night since I’ve been wearing the monitor.  It has been recording things that I have missed.  But do I really have to worry?   86 more words