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Jill Hazelbaker: From Google to Snapchat

The news of Google’s Jill Hazelbaker being appointed vice president of communications and public policy at Snapchat struck me as a real example of how social media has changed drastically over the past couple of years. 111 more words


Sony Xperia Z3 vs HTC One M8 Camera Comparison: Megapixels and Ultrapixels

By Rich W Woods

Today, the Sony Xperia Z3v is being released for Verizon and on October 29, the Sony Xperia Z3 will be released for T-Mobile. 1,295 more words

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus Camera Comparison: Clash of the Titans

By Rich W Woods

By no means is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 going to be the best phone this year and by no means does the iPhone 6 Plus have the best specs this year, but they do have one thing in common: they will both get the most media attention of any phone this year. 1,231 more words

Google launched A major update to its Android Wear - Check out what Google is offering

Today Google launched a significant update to its Android Wear smartwatch platform, introducing support for offline music syncing and GPS months before Apple’s iWatch is scheduled to hit shelves. 165 more words



Quando si parla di smartphone è sempre difficile decidere di cosa parlare. Sicuramente il clou della settimana è stato il Nexus 6 di Google in collaborazione con Motorola. 178 more words


Google launches Inbox by Gmail, An inbox that works for you. #InBox #Google by @jimboireland

Google have just announced a new service called Inbox,yeah sounds like mail but its not,apparently its been years in the making and in short gives you the important things you need to know and it also lets you add reminder to particular mails too check it out down below and what it can do..this looks good as for someone like me who has several accounts getting too many mails each day so for those who are in the same boat this is for you.. 425 more words


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs OnePlus One Camera Comparison: Battle of the Phablets

By Rich W Woods

Last week, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released in the United States. It will undoubtedly be the most expensive as well as the most powerful phone on the U.S. 1,508 more words