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4 Cool and Useful Google Search Tips

Here are 4 maneuvers you can use on Google that you may be unaware of.  The first 2 require you to have a Google account.  If you use Gmail for your email, you already have a Google account.  347 more words

Google Search Tips

3 Tools to Implement Healthcare at Social Media Speed

Our recent post, Healthcare at Social Media Speed, described current events in which social media connected healthcare workers and facilities to ailing patients. Devastating and heart-wrenching emergencies, like the Boston Marathon bombings and the injured cyclist who became lost during a bike race, are prime examples of situations in which medical teams were able to respond quickly as a result of utilizing social media. 311 more words

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Content Thieves giving you Writer's ache? Ways to Chase Those Crazy Baldheads outta Town

As some of you know by now, not very long ago I discovered that all my posts were being pirated by this parasitic website, news.sysmaya.net. Since then two bloggers have contacted me with a similar discovery — they are being pirated. 486 more words

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Using Google Alerts for your research

Did you know that you can easily monitor the web for content  and be notified of the results by using Google Alerts?

Start by simply choosing a key word that is relevant to the topic you wish to research.

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Google searches

Helpful hints and tips for optimising your Google searches!

Think you know how to Google?

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Independant research - SEO

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is technique that is used to effectively display website in search engines.

There are a few simple rules to make website SEO friendly - 131 more words

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Entrepreneur Thoughts

The small business owner must always keep their eye on market trends. It is important to  stay on top of news and current events that relate to your niche.. 234 more words

How To Start A Business