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Using Google Alerts for your research

Did you know that you can easily monitor the web for content  and be notified of the results by using Google Alerts?

Start by simply choosing a key word that is relevant to the topic you wish to research.

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Google searches

Helpful hints and tips for optimising your Google searches!

Think you know how to Google?

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Independant research - SEO

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is technique that is used to effectively display website in search engines.

There are a few simple rules to make website SEO friendly - 131 more words

Interactive Comms Practice (S3)

Entrepreneur Thoughts

The small business owner must always keep their eye on market trends. It is important to  stay on top of news and current events that relate to your niche.. 234 more words

How To Start A Business

Making sense of copyright for writers

Copyright. It’s a subject that seems to especially worry beginning writers. They’re sure editors will steal their ideas, their words and their pictures. They plaster everything with copyright notices and/or register everything they do with the copyright office, which is expensive and unnecessary. 487 more words

Research to find out what has already been published

Last week we talked about researching to find facts to use in your queries and in your writing. Research plays another important role for the nonfiction writer: finding out what has been published before. 422 more words

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Google Alerts

For this task, we are supposed to set up a Google Alerts account, so before getting started, I searched some information and instructions about it. From the Wikipedia, it defines that ‘ 429 more words