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How to find HTTPS Everywhere

Connecting to websites using HTTPS is much more secure. But knowing which websites support it can be tricky, and it’s a hassle to use sometimes. If you use HTTPS Everywhere, you don’t have to worry about any of that while still reaping the security benefits. 374 more words

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Chrome extensions

As far as browsers go, Chrome is my browser of choice.  Fast, powerful and organised.  The power for me is not in the Apps available through the Web Store but the Extensions. 210 more words

Digital Toolkit

Is your Google Chrome freezing up when you go to Facebook too?

I personally have been dealing with this issue for several months like many other Chrome & Facebook users. I find it funny that I’ve seen numerous articles saying the same thing over and over for years as a solution to this issue.   1,090 more words

YouTube Ad Blocker by Magic Actions for YouTube (video tutorial)

  Skip Ads.  Skip Ads.  Skip Ads.  Quite annoying, isn’t it? Since Youtube monetize by partnering the videos to AdSense, videos had been bombarded by skippable, nonskippable, display and overlay ads.   376 more words

Ad Blocker

Opening a New Chapter with My Chromebook

This weekend my Microsoft Windows 7-based desktop PC died, croaked and was officially pronounced kaput.

This left me on the horns of a dilemma not knowing which way to turn and quickly running out of cliches. 1,183 more words

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