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Google Compute Engine gets Autoscaler to adjust app resources based on varying traffic and workloads

Google today added an Autoscaler feature, which helps apps handle varying traffic and workloads, to its Compute Engine on the Google Cloud Platform. The service, … 409 more words


Google's cloud picks up business from Amazon customers Airbnb, Netflix, & Rovio (updated)

Updated at 5:44 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday with clarifications about Airbnb’s usage of the Google Cloud Platform.

SAN FRANCISCO — If you’re looking for proof that Google’s public cloud is taking off, well, Google’s got you covered. 273 more words


Google adds cloud peering & autoscaling, because price cuts alone aren't enough

SAN FRANCISCO — Google is back at it, once again lowering prices and adding features for its portfolio of services in its public cloud.

Google has in the past year challenged competitors in the public-cloud market with substantial price cuts and rapid-fire feature and partnership announcements. 174 more words


Google unveils its Container Engine to run apps in the best possible way on its cloud

Now, you, too, can run complicated applications super-efficiently inside of Google data centers, thanks to a new tool in the company’s public cloud called Google Container Engine. 575 more words


Just how big is Amazon Web Services' lead? It depends on whom you ask

It’s uncontested that Amazon’s cloud is by far the biggest. Details beyond that, however, are mighty scarce. None of the major cloud providers — Amazon or its chief public cloud rivals Microsoft and Google — are particularly transparent when it comes to the revenues and profits they derive from cloud, the number of servers they host, or anything at all, really. 436 more words

Live migration won't help Google cloud customers moving to new European zone

The great race by cloud powers to update their infrastructure worldwide continues.

Google is adding a new Google Compute Engine zone (in Google talk it is called europe-west1-c) in two weeks, according to  376 more words

Google is looking to expand its data center in Taiwan (report)

Google intends to plunk down many millions of dollars to expand its data center presence in Taiwan, according to a local media report today.

Crediting the Economic Daily News, a Central News Agency… 247 more words