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Google rolls out a new monitoring API for devs using its cloud

Can’t get enough metrics on your public-cloud usage? Google Cloud Monitoring has you covered. It was just announced today that the Google Cloud Monitoring Read API is available to the general public. 213 more words


Amazon sues former employee for breaching noncompete agreement with new Google cloud job

Non-compete agreements might get overlooked in all that paperwork you sign after accepting a shiny new job offer, but it looks like Amazon cares about them a lot: It’s currently suing a former employee over a breach. 351 more words


Google hands out $500 in cloud credit to all I/O attendees

Google had plenty of gifts for folks who went to its I/O 2014 developer conference.

In addition to some wearable goodies — attendees could choose between an LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear smartwatch — the tech giant doled out $500 in credit for its Google Cloud Platform, according to an email Google sent out to attendees today. 185 more words


Here's what Google is doing to become a serious enterprise-tech vendor

SAN FRANCISCO — Google seems more and more determined to take big money from large businesses through its cloud services. Now it’s got a bunch of plans to make that desire a reality. 678 more words


Google rolls out more public cloud tools for devs, including a debugger

SAN FRANCISCO — Google made its fledgling Google Cloud Platform for making and running apps more developer-friendly today, by launching a series of tools that speed up discovery of problems and improve monitoring. 170 more words


Google unveils a big-data pipeline for batch and stream processing in its cloud

SAN FRANCISCO — Google made a big contribution to the big data world 10 years ago, when it released a paper on MapReduce, a programming model for doing big computing jobs on hefty data sets. 348 more words