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According to the exiled keeper there is a very specific Google doc that will reveal the identity of the remaining keeper for you Nicole. You apparently have access to this. 16 more words


12 Straight Hours of Freewriting! Is it possible?

For anyone who has been following along for the for the past few months, I have been attempting a number of tasks, most of which were in response to… 863 more words


Google Docs Across the Curriculum

There are many ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Today I’d like to examine the use of Google Drive and even more specifically Google Docs. 477 more words

Core Curriculum

All You Need To Know About Open Source Software

Open source software is software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. Source code is the code computer programmers can manipulate to change how a piece of software works. 585 more words

Software & Games

Animal Farm Activities

Animal Farm by George Orwell is personally one of my favourite texts to read. It is so dense with character but also, its insightful commentary on society is so beautifully sculpted I could rave on about it for forever! 289 more words

ICT Activities

'Language of our Times' - my opportunity to teach content and skills that I think matter

I teach this wonderful elective at Year 9 called ‘Language of our Times’. It’s wonderful, because I’ve had the freedom to create the curriculum. The premise behind the subject is that we are studying how we communicate in today’s world. 2,165 more words