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Google Docs Experience

My experience working with Google Docs within my group went fairly smoothly. I think the only challenging thing was the time crunch we were under. We essentially only had 3 days to come up with a plan and create a storyboard for the Arc Ocean County Chapter, and once class ended on Monday, our group members all had to attend to other items on our varying schedules. 252 more words

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Google Doc Collaboration

For part of our assignment this week, my group collaborated and wrote a two-page paper about a non-profit organization using Google Docs. I hadn’t used Google Docs until I came to college, where it seemed likeĀ  308 more words

Google Docs

Working with my group in a Google Doc was both beneficial, but also challenging at times. No matter the mixture of students, the most confusing aspect of using a Google Doc is timing. 277 more words


Working With Google Docs

I’ll start off by saying that things went extremely smoothly when writing the paper as a group through Google Docs. This wasn’t my first time using Google Docs, I’ve used it for countless group projects in previous classes, and I feel that it is a great medium for collaborative work. 321 more words

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Building skills while connecting to real life


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Taking responsibility.

LGBT issues.

One of my favorite units in my introduction to journalism class is opinion writing. There are so many lessons within that unit. 557 more words


Using Google Docs

Our Document

Using Google Docs can be very beneficiary if used the right way. The application itself is very user-friendly and also very convenient to use. 328 more words