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Google Classroom! A Multimedia Reflection

So I will begin by giving you a little background behind my decision for the choice I made on which multimedia resource to evaluate. This year I have taken on teaching Grade 10 Science and Math. 621 more words


Google is also good.

Before I even begin, let me just say that both Google and Apple have their pros and cons and I like both of them.

So, I worked on Google Docs (google drive) today after a long time and I must say I really like it. 110 more words

Tech N Texts

The Lab Diaries
Entry No. 7

Call me maybe?

Me to my groupmates:

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my gmail…

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The Lab Diaries

An archival post for my own reference. Read the title in the voice of the “Lost” narrator.

Below are the links to presentations I’ve given before setting up this blog… 74 more words

5E Lesson

Writer's block?

I do a bit of ghostwriting for work and for extra income. I write speeches, or blog posts for travel and finance websites.

When my friends bug me to finish my fiction stories, I tell them it’s difficult to write. 262 more words


Dropbox Software

So I decided on researching and reviewing Dropbox because I have to use it for another class and I thought I should see what I was getting myself into before an actual assignment comes up with it. 253 more words

Unit 1

Week 07: Document Collaboration Tools

Back then, things were very simple. However, with the constant technological advancement, today’s generation find it way easier to do things and communicate to others. Last week’s topic about Document Collaboration Tools focused mainly in the Google Drive application which allows people to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets and even files. 219 more words