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Content Marketing: What is it and what should it look like?

Content marketing is a term that I had never heard of three days ago.

After furiously looking online to get a grasp of what content marketing is, I began to see it everywhere. 361 more words

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Happy 239th Birthday Laura Secord!!!

Google, today, honoured Laura Secord’s 239th Bday by its doodle that illustrates her historical trek from Queenston to Beaver dams. She was born on September 13, 1775 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts to Thomas Ingersoll and Elizabeth Dewey. 9 more words


Just Found Out: Tolstoy's 186th Birthday

Leo Tolstoy, the master of Russian literature, was born September 9th, 1828, which would have made him 186 today. Google honored him with a beautiful doodle (some of the slideshow images found… 151 more words


Leo Tolstoy’s Google Doodle

Leo Tolstoy’s 186th birthday has been marked today with a Google Doodle depicting scenes from his stories War and Peace, Anna Karenina, and… 150 more words


Leo Tolstoy: an epic Google doodle for novelist of 'astonishing scope and vigour'


Leo Tolstoy‘s 186th birthday is is being marked with a Google doodle showing the great author in cartoon form, deep in contemplation as he writes one of his masterpieces by candlelight. 587 more words

Google Doodle celebrates Leo Tolstoy's birthday

For your 186th birthday, you don’t get a cake: You get a Google Doodle. If you’re Leo Tolstoy, at least. The Russian writer was born 186 years today, and Google is celebrating his birthday with a Doodle featuring illustrations of his most famous works, including… 85 more words

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