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Gotta love the World Cup Google Doodles.

Here’s just some of the brilliant animations Google ran with throughout the tournament.

Massive time for this!

Nice one Googlords.


Today's Google Doodle: Nelson Mandela

Sadly, Mandela is no longer with us, but, had he lived, today would be his 96th birthday. Google has celebrated that with an animated Google Doodle (click on screenshot below to see it), which, when you click on each frame, goes to a new picture and a new quote from Mandela. 156 more words

Google Doodles

Reality Check.

Google Doodles are awesome (mostly). They provide commentary to local or international events, draw your attention to important occasions you might have forgotten (like, I don’t know, Independence Day), or celebrate potentially obscure dead people (mostly Science Guys). 162 more words


Google the Swagalicious Corp.

This is pretty awesome:  


Click on the link and look at that doodle.  To the boss walking by, it looks like an ordinary business meeting, but we know better. 144 more words

Google is stepping up its Doodle game for the World Cup

SAO PAULO – You’ve seen the Google Doodles, the delightful illustrations that hover over the search bar as you try to figure out what twerking is. 576 more words


The 2 best letters in the world cup Google Doodle

I’ve really been enjoying the world cup Google doodles. But it’s fair to say that not all of the letters in google have been created equally. 236 more words