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Biggest Clue Yet That Apple Is To Launch iWatch: Goodbye Nike Fuelband

It’s all rumours, speculation and ‘what ifs’, but that’s better than nothing. In fact, it’s given that Apple will enter the smart technology market at some point, but with what – we can’t be sure. 251 more words

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Google Glass Play in Just One Day

Google has done it again. All Google Glasses, let us call it the “initial” or “test” amount, were sold in just one day as planned. This fact is definitely worth mentioning for at least two reasons. 252 more words

Google Glass storytelling

Google Glass started as an idea and has been released in prototypes to those who are willing to buy it and report back. Glass can be used in many different ways, such as reading emails, recording a video or even looking up directions. 404 more words


'Giving Through Glass' Puts Google Glass in the Hands of 5 Nonprofits

Google Glass became available to the general public on Tuesday, April 15th, but for that day only. Before that, Google Glass was only available through a limited beta-testing program. 253 more words


How Future Wearable Devices Will Reshape Web Design Industry

Mobile Phones is Yesterday’s Innovation

Give it a few years and they will be only a part of what we remember from good, old days. Wearable devices or as everyone calls them… 339 more words

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Legislating today's science fiction tomorrow

When we think about the future, Americans are a pretty confused bunch.

On one hand, 70% of us think that America is headed in the wrong direction, and just a third think America’s best days are ahead. 245 more words

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