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Google Glass in Healthcare, a boon or another case of Intrusion of Privacy?

Advocates of Google Glass would cite numerous uses of the device and would even go after the critics and call them stone-age paranoids. Are they right? 299 more words


Through the Google Glass

by Gadget Mike

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, tech geeks of ALL ages! The Rockstar Anthropologist proudly presents to you: The Emcee of Electronics, the Grand Marshall of Gadgetry, the one, the only Mike!!! 1,580 more words


Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.1 - Moving forward

A step in the right direction -

Google has been working tirelessly to perfect their beta hardware known as the “Explorer Edition” of Google Glass. Although the Glass Explorer Edition has been around since February of 2013, they have already released three separate versions. 1,086 more words


Italian opera company using Google Glass to stream interactive performances

Google Glass may not be welcomed at movie theaters, but the popular wearable computer is getting a free pass to an opera house in Italy during a show being performed in Cagliari later this week. 201 more words


Venturing forward

As one of the most powerful venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowitz is now working with Google to encourage a new generation of start-up entrepreneurs to build applications for Google’s new breakthrough Glass platform. 16 more words

For the Thought of a Bite of Chocolate

All Jan Scheuermann wanted was to have a bite of chocolate. That is not true. There were many more things Jan wanted, like to lift up her children, like to hold her husband’s hand, even to pump her fist in the air every time… 623 more words

Patient-Centered Systems

A Better Google Glass For $60 (This One Folds)

For ‘s entry for The Hackaday Prize, he’s doing something we’ve all seen before – a head mounted display, connected to a Bluetooth module, displaying information from a smartphone. 193 more words