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Let's Create An Album Cover Again!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen and other people and aliens and sapient animals and the Singularity Internet Overlord! It’s time for us to  Create An Album Cover! 353 more words


Searching 'Japan' on Google Images in 17 different countries (Korea's results? Just plain weird)

Google operates hundreds of domain names for different regions around the world, from Australia (google.com.au) to  Zimbabwe (google.co.zw). And searching for the same keyword throws up different results depending on which country Google thinks you’re in. 179 more words


Fair Use, Unfair World

A soul is being accepted into heaven today. I decided to use this week’s assignment to commemorate the life of my uncle, Dr. Kurtland Ma… 542 more words

Strategic Presentation

Using Images in Blog Posts

In the short attention span world of the internet, images are a way to grab a readers attention and invite them to read the post.  The oft quoted, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” describes how well an image can introduce or sum up meaning.   384 more words


George W. Bush's Paintings of World Leaders Appear to Be Based On Good Ol' Google Searches

Last week, former President George W. Bush unveiled a new collection of paintings, featuring a series of portraits of world leaders, from Vladimir Putin to the Dalai Lama. 198 more words

More Kim Kardashian FAKERY: Reality Starlet Busted Posting Google Image Of Thailand As Her Own!

Kim Kardashian has done it again; deceived her fans into believing she was at a picturesque beach in Thailand, when in fact she wasn’t at all. 259 more words

"A Conversation about Life and Death" copyright 2005 John J. Rigo "Rainbows Amidst Storms"

The Master‘s hands were strong and hard
from years of work as a carpenter
just like his father.
The creation of His hands had a gentle quality… 321 more words