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The smoke created from burning money is evidence of treason....

Money causes me a fair amount of stress.

A constricting boa around the neck of society

A cloying substance that stains your hands and your soul. 88 more words


Looking Forward

At the start of this week I had an unusual amount of extreme spasms, these had been triggered by a medication and have now settled down. 288 more words


Do You Even Google, Bro?

As tech-competent as I like to believe I am, the list of things I don’t know is likely shamefully longer than I care to admit or even realize. 585 more words

Benbrook Library

Google can now describe images using Natural Language Processing.

Google has uncovered a machine-learning framework that can naturally make subtitles in the wake of perceiving the substance in pictures, by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP). 30 more words

Search Engine

Google's New Software Can Caption Images With Scary Accuracy

Tired of lackluster Google Images search results? The tech giant might be on the way to fixing that.

Google has created a machine-learning system that can take an image, and produce a caption accurately describing what is happening in that image, a… 387 more words

I choose to be Happy, and I am. While all around me, the world may be crumbling, I choose Happiness within myself, as I know it will better equip me to do my part in making the world a brighter, better place. 85 more words

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