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Sophia Webster - Shoe Designing At It's Best!

Hello Bella’s,

As it’s London Fashion Week, I thought I’d use my time by introducing you all to my favorite shoe designer Sophia Webster. If you don’t already know her, you will soon enough! 346 more words

Live from the booth 6 - Supercharged David.

Today is a double food tasting session day. I had one this morning and have another one this afternoon. Oddly enough, I am actually losing weight at the minute. 263 more words

Ways To Earn Money Whilst Writing

30 Day VG Challenge:Accepted.

 I originally saw this challenge on a fellow blogger/Friends blog page, you can find Josh’s page here http://omistahj13.com. And since my name is The Game Huntress I couldn’t pass up this challenge! 292 more words

Spaceship!! Spaceship!! Spaceship!!

As many that know me, I am a huge sucker for anything Science Fiction. Anywhere from dreaming about living on mars or out in outer space to giant dinosaurs walking the earth in a modern-day setting.  689 more words


Welcome back achievement hunters and huntresses! September is sure chop full of video games this month, almost feels like I had to write a freaking book about what was coming out! 451 more words

Robin Williams. Take Two.

 Hello once again. As promised I bring you the other half of our Reviews. Hope you enjoyed our first debut post if you haven’t seen it yet go back and check it out! 463 more words