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GeoNET GPS Navigator Apk v8.1.439

GeoNET GPS Navigator Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android O/S : 1.6+

GeoNET GPS Navigator Free Apk Full Download

Overview: GeoNET – new generation GPS navigator, which allows you to use maps from various map vendors! 348 more words

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Let's Take a Hike

…..while sitting on your computer.

My first reaction when I saw this was “HOLY COW! This is so cool.” And it is, but we are quickly moving towards a world where your devices are all that matter, losing face-to-face contact and experiencing things around us all through a screen. 170 more words



In their ever expanding goal to rule the planet, Google has purchased drone-maker Titan Aerospace with plans to bring Internet access to parts of the world with out it. 578 more words


Google Maps Extension for QlikView

Sometimes it would be nice to display a map chart in our QlikView applications to show information per country, state, region, etc. but until now the only way to get this kind of visualization it’s only possible by using images and text boxes, scatterplots making calls to Google Maps servers and extensions. 296 more words


Starting out

The driving force behind developing this blog is to post the results from the final course for my Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate from Florida State University. 196 more words


MAPS! 20,000+ of them!

Apparently I forgot to hit publish on this post, oops.
RPGs are no strangers to the use of maps, many systems utilise them during combat while adventures often employ them to provide players with a feel for the regions they’re exploring and acting in. 301 more words



Try this: Next time you find yourself in an entirely new place don’t triangulate your position to within a hair’s breadth. Leave your phone in your pocket. 261 more words