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Exposing Shitty Devs: MGL Design on Google Play

Sure there are tonnes of MineCraft Clones out there and they aren’t going to end but are they ever necessary? The answer is no.  MineCraft has had Mod Support for a really long time now and therefore most of these clones can be easily done much better. 1,417 more words

Dark Tales is now on lulu

You can now download your copy of Dark Tales for free on lulu all you have to do is click the link below.

Also available on Apples ibook store, Google Play and Amazon Kindle. 6 more words


Dark Tales is now live on Apple Ibooks Platform

Well guys here it is finally my first novel Dark Tales is ready to download for free on Apple ibooks Platform. 

Now all you iPhone and iPad owners can get the pleasure of been transported into the dark underworld i have created.  40 more words


Speed Blazers llega a Google Play, un veloz juego de carreras en 3D

Juegos para los smartphones existen muchos, algunos como Icewind Dale serán multiplataformas, en cambio, si alguno de vosotros ha dado el paso de iOS a Android últimamente, sabrá que en enero de 2012 salió un entretenido juego de carreras para el sistema operativo de Apple llamado Speed Blazers. 90 more words

my first "poly holiday"

I so did not expect poly to be so WTF crazy, and now that I’m having my holidays I’m so not wasting them! I’ve decided to take a picture/selfie everyday of the holidays so I can look back (literally) w satisfaction and also it gives me some motivation not to sloth around all the time and actually do something useful and noteworthy at least once a day! 251 more words


Microsoft vows to clean away misleading apps from its Windows Store

Microsoft is vowing to clean up its Windows Store, after a survey of the app store found many scam apps for sale that were deceptively labeled with logos and names of legitimate apps. 695 more words


#Whatsapp now boasts full #Android wear Support and improved #message storage #reliability with new update

Whatsapp, a popular cross-platform messaging app now has support for android wear. Android wear is the OS running on wearable devices such as smartwatches. With the new build 2.11.362 you will be able to read them in their entirety, swipe left and right to view other messages, send replies using your voice also dismiss them by swiping them away. 30 more words