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Squared Online - lessons from Projects 2 and 3

The problem with managing a blog professionally is that you start to neglect your own blog… oh dear.

I’m now in my last module for Google’s Squared Online course and the last update I did was on… 439 more words

Squared Online

Bare with me!!!

 I’ve been trying to carry the site on my own mostly and trying to branch out even further. I don’t want Sincere Ignorance to simply be a brand, and I want it to go beyond verbal discussions. 95 more words


Erik Goaied 9 January 2015: 'Without Data You're Just Another Person with an Opinion'

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As quoted by Erik Goaied on the 9th January 2015 in his Google Plus account in his “Interesting but True file”. (insert below) 636 more words

When did Google turn into the Borg Collective?

Time was when the folks at Google could actually say their motto, “Don’t Be Evil” without an evil smirk or Mwhahaha accompanying the same. Those days are gone. 603 more words


Future With Google: #GooglePlus

It was just another morning. I woke up hungry. I was not in a condition to consider my favourite dishes, was just hungry for anything to eat! 351 more words

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Bookshelf Battle is now on Google +

Check it out.

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on there, a bit overwhelming when you’re first getting into it, but I do enjoy the writer, blogger, self-publishing communities, etc. 22 more words


Google+ Tips: How to create strikethrough, bold and italic text in your post


STRIKETHROUGH- Put the hyphen symbol(-) at the beginning and end of the sentence or word. Like this:


BOLD- Put the asterisk(*) symbol at the beginning and end of the sentence or word.  37 more words