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The Gentleman Who Made Scholar - Backchannel

Ten years after a Google engineer empowered researchers with Scholar, he can’t bear to leave it


Thing 10 - Search Strategies

1.  Appropriateness and Usability:  e-Library Elementary was too hard for the average 1st grader and way too much information.    Kids InfoBits was much easier to use as children can click on the pictures of what they want to research.   176 more words

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Google Workshop at MICA Next Week!

Ever wonder what Google Hangouts is and how to use it to connect to individuals or groups online? Google Apps provide a variety of tools for teachers and students to connect, organize and share online. 44 more words

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Did A Romanian Researcher Successfully Game Google Scholar to Raise his Citation Count?

The Google Scholar profile for Ştefan Vlăduţescu at Romania’s University of Craiova indicates that his publications have been cited 1,709 times. However, most of the citations to his works appear in dozens of articles published in three predatory, open-access, European journals. 572 more words

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My top 5 learning tools

Being a writer, scatter-brain and serial list maker, it is safe to say that I need as many tools to help organise my study life as possible. 720 more words

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Class, Thurs, 1/15/2015

Session One

Titles [pdf]

Line Editing [pdf]

Session Two

Finding other scholars who have worked with Berger


Menulis Skripsi (3): Sumber Referensi Elektronik Untuk Mencari Topik Penelitian

Di tulisan sebelumnya telah disampaikan bahwa penting untuk banyak membaca gunamendapatkan inspirasi topik skripsi. Nah, di bagian ketiga tips menulis skripsi ini, saya ingin menyampaikan sumber referensi yang bisa digunakan untuk mencari inspirasi topik skripsi, utamanya referensi yang bersumber dari dokumen elektronik. 521 more words