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Mendeley @ the LIINES

Reference management is a key competence in any research group or laboratory.   Think of a research workflow.

  1. Get papers
  2. Get paper reference information
  3. Read them from anywhere in the world.  
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Expert Searching Google and Google Scholar

The exploration of Inquiry Learning has been approached by many people who have developed the concept, sought to learn more about it and those who aspire and achieve the integration of it into their teaching and schools. 1,333 more words

Seminar 2: Google Scholar and Google Books for Research


Welcome to the course of ICT in Linguistics. Below is the explanation of the tasks for Seminar 2 today

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Therapeutic grade essential oils

There’s been much talk about therapeutic grade essential oils. Even the term “Therapeutic grade essential oils” is a loaded phrase. There are so many conceptions about the meaning of therapeutic grade, or even if there is such a thing. 1,397 more words


The end of the journey... for now

As I come to the end of my searching journey, I’d like to reflect back on what I’ve learnt and how my feelings have changed. 303 more words

Module 1

Expert Searching - Google Scholar

Beginning the search…

I began my search using Google Scholar optimistically.  I have used Google Scholar previously and found it to be quite helpful.  The biggest problem I noticed in the past was that many of the articles retrieved were behind paywalls.   729 more words

Module 1

Researching Anime/Manga Scholars

When conducting research on any topic, there are certain things that any researcher must keep in mind. One of these things has to do with the basic design of bibliographic access systems – library catalogs, scholarly databases, subject bibliographies. 804 more words

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