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Gadgets lovers in Nigeria took to Google to search for their favourite devices, and of course, Apple’s iPhone 6 held the number one spot.

•1 iPhone 6 (Digitaltrends) 163 more words


Google Search: Not Child Friendly

My 7 year old son wanted to Google Search Pokemon & Yugioh cards.

[I attempted to put the accent on that ‘e’… But, I’m on my phone and it seemed like a lot of work… 120 more words


Google is Watching

What Google knows about me?

As a student studying Digital Marketing we have had some discussions in class about the advertisements that appear on Google and throughout the web while we are online. 250 more words

Digital Media

Search By Region

Recently, my students learned about Jamestown and Pocahontas. The adopted textbook told the story through the eyes of the United States. This was interesting, but I wondered how England viewed those events. 153 more words


Search By Reading Level

Too Much Information

There IS such a thing as ‘Too Much Information’! When students begin ‘researching’ on a particular topic, they all too often type in the topic and choose the first link in the list. 259 more words


Top रही katrina kaif, priyanka का 5th नंबर

Google search की बात की जाये तो साल 2014 में katrina kaif ने बाजी मार ली। कमाल की बात नहीं है रे बाबा। उसे तो सबसे पोपुलर हिरोइन बना ही दिया ना उन लोगों ने जो उसे पसंद करते हैं। कोई कहे कि अब पूजा वेदी को पहले पायदान पर बैठा दो, कोई ऐसा कर पायेगा का। नहीं ना, इसलिये katrina बेबी को पहले पायदान पर ही ठीक रखा है। 20 more words


What did Indians Google in 2014

We all know that Google is synonymous to search and “Google” is officially a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. So what did we Indians actually “Google” in 2014. 309 more words