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Adding Images to your Sketchup Model...

Just in case Sketchup doesn’t have quite what you were looking for in its textiles to add to a wall, or maybe you’re creating an art gallery, this guide will help you in all your image adding needs via sketchup in an easy to understand tool. 6 more words

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How to Create a Chair in Google Sketchup...

This Google Sketchup site proved to be very helpful creating beginner models and learning the functions of Google Sketchup. This, without the need of a video, proves to be visually easy to understand and uses similar language to create an overall basic idea of creating furniture. 6 more words

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An Aid to Drawing Stairs...


This link proved extremely helpful in the event of adding stairs into my Google Sketchup Project of the Workshop in the Monastery.

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Mothers Do Matter- Vera, Campos, Ornelas (Cruz)

Recently Amanda and I have been working on perfecting our g

le sketch up. The engineering and biomedical girls have split up during class time. It is easier to focus on one task at a time if the group meets at the beginning of the class period. 555 more words

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Sketchup 2015

1. How to Get Started

2. How to Draw Your Outline

3. How to Draw Doors and Windows

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My Google Sketchup Design Project

For this assignment we were given a video tutorial on how to make a simple house by using Google Sketchup, by use of the tutorial we were to design our own dream house in Google Sketchup. 97 more words

Project Focus: Google SketchUp Dream House

Situation or Task In this project we used Google SketchUp to create our “Dream House.”

Actions In the beginning of this project I watched several informational videos and tutorials on how to use Google SketchUp. 179 more words

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