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Welcome to my Dream Office

If you, like me, work in an office, chances are you spend at least 8 hours a day in the blasted thing.  If you’re unlucky, that means you spend A LOT of time sitting at a cheap, MDF desk, looking at scuffed walls that are in desperate need of a repaint and are forced to look at those very irritating ‘motivational’ posters. 1,687 more words

Interior Design


Welcome to my page where I plan to post my interests and activities every week. The posts will vary each week between many different topics such as: sports/ sport figures, to designs from a program called Google Sketchup, etc.

General Interest

Homebase Challenge

Firstly, for those of you reading this and wondering what on earth Homebase is; it’s a DIY store based in the UK.

But it would appear that Homebase now offers much more than just sandpaper and dust cloths.   1,119 more words

Interior Design


Entertaining a “Net-Zero” design solution is always a welcome challenge – especially when it’s not about a point scoring system that allows you to call your project “certified.” The Live/Work Micro-Dwelling project in North Carolina was a breath of fresh air for our design team! 158 more words


New Animation! I know!

I can’t help it, ok?  When I’m done creating 3D visuals and I gaze at them all adoringly, I can’t help but feel inspired to create an animation to try and convey the 3D visualisation process combined with my need to do something creative. 111 more words

3D Visual

It's 2D but Not As We Know It

I’m always very interested and eager to expand and develop my skill when it comes to Graphic Design/Animation techniques, particularly when the effects are pretty inspiring. 256 more words

3D Visual

3D Visual Hall of Fame

When you’re a ‘creative’ type and have started to amass a (sort of) collection of works, it’s nice to take a little bit of time out from your hectic schedule to revisit previous projects and reflect, ponder and bathe in the fuzzy warmth of nostalgia. 1,563 more words

3D Visual