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A Balcony for a Tiny Queen

Here’s an interesting project fit for a queen – a Barbie-sized Queen, anyway. It’s a balcony, designed to fit the outside of a castle scaled to 11.5 inch tall fashion dolls. 215 more words

Paper Models

How SketchUp Originated and Activated

Many people ask what is sketch. Some artists believe in manual sketch and some have traditionally gone for digital. They generally use sketchup.

But there is a question that why it is sketchup? 376 more words

Learn SketchUp

I recently started learning how to use Google SketchUp 2015 and I have to say, I wish I had this tool 20 years ago. Not only can I draw up files for some 3d printing, I really need one of these, it is also possible to use the application to simply mock up an idea in actual dimension. 109 more words


Unraveling Our Motto: My Unique Day at Westover

Hannah Meharg, Junior Boarder from Litchfield, Connecticut

Before I came to Westover, I went to a public school in my town. The class schedule was very different than it is now. 829 more words

Unraveling Our Motto

Adding Images to your Sketchup Model...

Just in case Sketchup doesn’t have quite what you were looking for in its textiles to add to a wall, or maybe you’re creating an art gallery, this guide will help you in all your image adding needs via sketchup in an easy to understand tool. 6 more words

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How to Create a Chair in Google Sketchup...

This Google Sketchup site proved to be very helpful creating beginner models and learning the functions of Google Sketchup. This, without the need of a video, proves to be visually easy to understand and uses similar language to create an overall basic idea of creating furniture. 6 more words

Interior Design

An Aid to Drawing Stairs...


This link proved extremely helpful in the event of adding stairs into my Google Sketchup Project of the Workshop in the Monastery.

Interior Design