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Croacia Audio: The sound only website

Open Croacia Audio’s website in Google Chrome and experience their sound-only website.

On an internet dominated by visuals, the use of sound is rare and when it does appear, it’s often irritating – just think of those pop-up ads about how to make $5,000 in one day with one simple trick..! 280 more words


Too Funny: He Told Me That I Needed To Get Back In My Place….

and I said to him, “You are absolutely right, my place is at the very top and I am not there yet.”

Of course his response was…(drum roll)…”You are a smart mouth b***h. 330 more words

My Thoughts

Google Voice: One Number To Rule Them All

It may feel like we are living in a technological nirvana, but there are some old school holdouts. Phone numbers are one of them.

Home phones are gone, but VOIP, your work phone, work mobile, personal mobile, IM and more, have sprung up in its place. 391 more words


One Ringy Dingy

Aren’t you thankful for modern office technology like voice mail?!

Although I use Google Voice and the free transcription service (you get what you pay for right?!) creates some pretty unintentionally funny moments: 141 more words


Tech Term Tuesday: VoIP

Have you ever used Skype, Google Voice, or Vonage to talk to friends or relatives that live far away? If you’re like the millions of Americans who have, then you know all about today’s tech term. 242 more words


Fixing (unrelated) annoying problems with Google Voice and the Mac App Store

The Google Voice problem was that incoming unanswered calls were going to an automated switchboard for some San Diego financial service that I have no relation to. 340 more words


Google Voice Rising, Google+ Falling

If you use Google Voice to manage your phone calls and text messages, you can now use it to place free calls from your computer as well. 209 more words