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Mobile Office Organization

Top 5 ways to have a successful mobile office!

1. Have a place for everything.
You may not need to bring every single thing in your home office with you every single day, but chances are that you have about 10 or so items that you use everyday, all day. 381 more words

Affiliate Marketing

The book I read to research this post was The Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing by Gordon Sharp which is a very good book that I downloaded from kindle. 359 more words


Google Voice Personal Assistant Trumps Siri and Cortana by a Longshot

How often do you use Siri? How often do you use Siri and she actually works–the first time? Since her inception user have complained about just how bad Siri twists our sentences. 163 more words


Google announces new Hangouts app for Windows and Chrome OS users

Google this morning has unveiled a new Hangouts Chrome app for Windows and Chrome OS users. In a post on the official Chrome blog, the company described the app as a simpler and faster way to use Hangouts on your computer, while not intruding on other tasks and apps. 145 more words

Apps And Updates

Google Voice MMS Expansion | Oh, & FU Verizon

Google Voice is my default voice mail. It’s also my alias for texting and making anonymous phone calls. I still use my native app for normal texting, but I’ll get to that.  154 more words


Google Voice Finally Supports MMS On AT&T, Sprint, And Nearly 100 Other Carriers

If you’ve ever tried to receive a picture message with your Google Voice number, you might’ve noticed something rather crucial: it… probably didn’t work. For the most part, MMS heading into the service would just vanish into the ether. 262 more words


Google Voice adds support for MMS messages --- and it's about time

Google Voice got just a little bit handier today with the addition of support for MMS (multimedia message service) from nearly 100 North American carriers. 208 more words