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X that stands for 10 times better than anything else. Or it could stand for innovations that are 10 years ahead of time.

Or maybe it’s just a place holder for their real name. 133 more words

Empty Pocket #9 : week 16

Hey hey how are you dawg?

No brand is your friend: a point of view.

Technology is set to transform viewing habits, whether it’s Twitter’s ‘social soundtrack’ or letting the viewer become the commissioner. 110 more words


The 3 criteria all projects share at Google X, Google's Innovation Lab

Generally speaking, there are three criteria that X projects share.

All must address a problem that affects millions–or better yet, billions–of people.

All must utilize a radical solution that has at least a component that resembles science fiction.

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Creativity And Innovation

Is The Secret Lab Google X The Future Of Technology

I honestly believe that there is no company that has had as big of an impact to our lives as Google. They have completely changed the way we use the internet and revamped our smartphones. 607 more words


Google X tried to conquer space elevators, hoverboards and teleportation

Over the years Google has produced some unbelievable products and the search giant shows no signs of slowing down. This has led to some heavy rumors claiming that the company’s super secret innovation lab, Google X has been working on a space elevator. 563 more words

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Why Google's secret lab gave up on space elevators, hoverboards, and teleportation

Google X, Google’s private research laboratory, puts billions of dollars into moonshot projects with long odds that have the potential to change the world. Ongoing examples include… 609 more words

What Google Glass has taught us one year in

Google opened up its now iconic Glass for sales to a limited number of “Explorers” just over a year ago, and is allowing the general public to purchase Glass… 873 more words