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Metaio at the Wearable Technology Conference, San Francisco

We’re driving fast in my car and we just want to have fun.

Earlier this month, the Wearable Technologies Conference broke ground on its first event in… 330 more words


Smart Contact Lenses: Eyewear of the Future

Listen up, Audience, because in about five years there will be a big change to corrective contact lenses. With Google and Novartis teaming up to make these awesome new lenses that could change the eyewear market for the better, I can only imagine how they might change from the projected outcome now to when they are available to purchase in five years. 515 more words

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Google, Novartis ready to make reading glasses obsolete

Pharmaceuticals have entered the digital age, and they aren’t looking back.

Novartis said Tuesday it is teaming up with Google[x] , the search company’s research arm, to launch smart lens technology. 1,251 more words


Google's smart contact lens is one step closer to your eyeball

So long Google Glass, hello Google Eye.

Google and Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis announced this morning that they will be collaborating on bringing Google’s smart contact lens technology, which contains sensors for tracking things like blood glucose levels for diabetics, to consumers. 206 more words


Google and Novartis to produce smart contact lens

The newest project of Google X, the secretive division that brought us the Moto X, and the Wi-Fi balloons, is producing smart contact lens, along with the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis. 228 more words

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Microsoft's Nadella Pokes Google: They Sure Are Great Marketers

It took a while, but Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella finally threw a subtle jab at a competitor in an on-stage interview at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference on Monday evening. 258 more words


Google Glass architect joins Amazon

Babak Parvizw won’t disclose what he’s working on, but says he’s “super excited” about the new project.

Jeff Bezos has long said that it was one of Amazon’s goals to push further into the hardware space, and by the look of his company’s latest talent acquisition it looks like he’s serious about… 8 more words