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Google X's Jeff Huber joins Illumina's board of directors

Today, genetics research firm Illumina announced that Google Senior VP Jeff Huber of the search giant’s Google X lab has been appointed to its board of directors. 442 more words

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Google Seeks Human Guinea Pigs for Health Project

Updated: July 29, 10:05 am

Google’s newest project aims to create a crowd-sourced picture of human health by collecting anonymous genetic and molecular information from participants. 347 more words

Google X project aims to describe a healthy human, to make disease prevention easier

Google(s goog) wants to establish what a fully healthy human looks like, in order to make it possible to detect diseases earlier than we currently can. 337 more words


Google plans to create a 'baseline' of health from extensive data collected in new study

Google is planning to collect data from 175 participants in a new study to attempt to create a statistical standard for what is considered a healthy person, the… 336 more words

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Metaio at the Wearable Technology Conference, San Francisco

We’re driving fast in my car and we just want to have fun.

Earlier this month, the Wearable Technologies Conference broke ground on its first event in… 330 more words


Smart Contact Lenses: Eyewear of the Future

Listen up, Audience, because in about five years there will be a big change to corrective contact lenses. With Google and Novartis teaming up to make these awesome new lenses that could change the eyewear market for the better, I can only imagine how they might change from the projected outcome now to when they are available to purchase in five years. 515 more words

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