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What came up when I was googled

Dun Dun DAAAAA. No scandals, no problems. Not that I was expecting any, but you just never know until you look. I have Googled my self many times over the years and it is not until recently that anything at all even came up. 118 more words

ECMP 355

I just googled myself

I just googled myself. Okay, finally, I googled myself.

The thought has crossed my mind several times over the years, it’s not like it didn’t occur to me. 229 more words

Human Behaviour

Google Yourself...See what comes up!

It’s always interesting to see what comes up when you Google search your name. It’s different for everyone and many variables determine what will come up and from what page. 804 more words


Google Me?

I Googled myself this week.  Have you ever done it?  If you haven’t, I would highly recommend it.  It’s really important to know what people can find out about you in such an easy way in terms of reputation management.  372 more words

Spring Semester 2014