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How long should your social media posts be?

Read this handy infographic on creating the best social media posts ever!


Google is going to light up a titan intelligent billboard in New York City

In the nick of time for the Christmas shopping season, Google is situated to light up a goliath intelligent announcement in New York City. Fueled by Mitsubishi Electric, the Diamond Vision AVL-Odt10 presentation will turn into the biggest electronic bulletin to ever beauty the famous Times Square. 257 more words


The Palo Alto Prize: A ‘Moonshot’ at Increasing Longevity

Tucked behind an unassuming door on University Avenue is the center of an effort that could significantly impact the life healthspan of human beings in the years to come. 894 more words

Palo Alto

Microsoft turns to robotic security guards to watch for trouble

OK, so the robot apocalypse probably won’t happen any time soon, but the new robot sentries guarding Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus seem like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. 205 more words


EU Plans To Split Google’s Search Engine From Rest Of The Business

The European Parliament is preparing a non-binding resolution that proposes splitting Google’s search engine operations in Europe from the rest of its business as one possible option to rein in the Internet company’s dominance in the… 187 more words


Google Facing Threats From EU Over Anti-Competitive Behaviour

MEPs consider calling for breaking up of internet search provider.

European Union MEPs seeking to combat what they consider anti-competitive behaviour by Google are considering calling for the breaking up of companies that focus on web search, according to a document prepared by members of the European Parliament. 215 more words