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Google Begins 'Promoted App' Ads

Good Thursday morning, it’s April 23rd. Following Facebook and Twitter, Google announced yesterday that they will begin offering ‘App Install ads’ on mobile devices. Here’s what it means for you. 634 more words


DoubleTwist's latest Android tweak brings Google Play Music to Apple TV

Google’s mobile-streaming tech has a lot going for it, but listening to music stored in Mountain View’s cloud is still limited to a handful of home devices. 204 more words


Google joins Samsung in the fight against Apple

Google isn’t just helping Samsung by providing witnesses to help the South Korean corporation defend against Apple’s patent claims in their second U.S. trial; the company will also pay a share of Samsung’s legal costs and will share damages in case… 338 more words


Angry Silicon Valley Engineers Say Apple, Google and Others Owe Them $3 Billion

In 2006, Google’s Eric Schmidt suggested that his company had the perfect road map to “manage the new breed of ‘knowledge workers’” who now propel so much of the world economy, and especially the digital economy: follow… 811 more words

Samsung bought two patents specifically for use in Apple trial, say attorneys

In the ongoing patent trial where Apple is claiming Samsung infringed five of its patents, and Samsung is claiming Apple did the same to two of its patents, it has been suggested that Samsung bought the two patents concerned specifically to sue Apple. 303 more words

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Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014 has been marked with a collection of five animated doodles on the Google homepage, showing the Rufous hummingbird, the veiled chameleon, the moon jellyfish, the dung beetle, a puffer fish and a pair of Japanese macaques. 103 more words