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The Stalker

“God, please. Please God, Not today.” She begged as she cut through those ten minutes of her journey from the school to her home. Ten minutes. 1,531 more words

Short Story

Matt Cooke needs a crowbar to the shins.

Welp, not every post gets to be a GoT recap, I fear. Prepare your sphincters, it’s Tuesday morning let down!

And what a let down today is – it’s raining out, there were workers here all morning banging away and being disruptive, and Matt Cooke is still an NHL player. 570 more words

Disco is a mystery that will never be solved: Goon Reviews Castle "That 70's Show"

Seriously, words cannot describe how happy I am that I missed the 70′s.

So, after nearly a month’s hiatus we return to the 12th Precinct, just in time to hop into the ol’ wayback machine for a trip to the 70′s. 856 more words


Secret trap door: Goon Reviews Community "Basic Sandwich"

First and foremost, I am sorry I missed my reviews of the past couple of episodes, been a hectic time in the Goon household but things have calmed down and I’m back to tell you what you should have thought. 1,073 more words


Top 5 Hockey Movies Ever Made

I guess this list greatly depends on how you feel about the sport, and how you’re connected to the sport.  There are a good amount of hockey movies out there, and the following are the creme of the crop. 316 more words


Snooty and Goon: Oculus

Snooty and Goon take a good, long, hard look at themselves and this tepid entry into the horror genre.

Click here to battle the forces of reflective evil everywhere! 44 more words


Chump to 5k

I’ve noticed that a fair few of my friends are doing a program called ‘Couch to 5k’ (normally abbreviated to C25K) at the moment, which is a scheme for getting people into running for fitness. 635 more words