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CPL: Arsenal Vs Dortmund - Finally?

2-0. The final scoreline between the most frustrating team to support in the world against the team that taught us how to play our own game in Germany 2 months back. 559 more words


On all things Wenger

When thinking about Arsenal Football Club, or indeed football in general, there are few names that spring to mind as prominently as Arsene Wenger. A connoisseur of the beautiful game, “Le Professeur” epitomises the rise and unfortunately the decline of several aspect of modern football. 1,117 more words


"Oh! Arsenal..."


SAT. NOV. 22, 2014

   I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote back. (“Jack’s Back” tune)

On Saturday was Arsenal’s match against Manchester United. 403 more words


Three - Nil and Ya Fucked It Up

How does the old song go? I don’t speak French, Dutch, or German (the three official languages of Belgium, look it up) and my stream was a bit shaky so I couldn’t quite make out what they were singing, but I have to imagine the choruses coming from the away end of Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night resembled that old English tune. 1,172 more words


Chelsea Game

Wenger is still yet to beat Mourinho. Some people think its a big deal, why? I don’t really know. I know this will probably make quite a few fans upset, but so what? 523 more words


Pre Game Thoughts: Chelsea Vs Arsenal

This weekend I have what I’d consider to be football tunnel vision. To me nothing else (at least in the world of football) matters except this game. 717 more words