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Warm Weather Geese

I love fall: the transition from summer, cool nights, sunny days, and flocks of geese calling out from the sky. Time for man and dog to make a hide at the edge of a fallow wheat field, put out some decoys, and when the geese call from above, we answer from below. 255 more words


Monday morning snow goose hunt (Sept. 24)

I did a quick scout on the way to church the night before and there were quite a few geese going into a field owned by a cousin of mine. 368 more words


Snowing like crazy!! (9/16 - 9/20)

I’m just trying to get caught up here so I’ll throw a bunch of hunts in the same post. After our moderate success from the week before, I figured we would have some really good hunts this week. 1,559 more words


Couple Saturday hunts (Sept 13, 2014)


The snow geese that had been congregating together during the week up to this Saturday (09/13) was split into smaller flocks and nothing really good looked likely. 557 more words


Snow geese arriving (Sept. 11th)

So a couple days after my brother in law headed home, I was watching the snow geese with a lot of interest. They were starting to appear in numbers a few days earlier than usual. 393 more words


This mornings hunt (10/17/2014)

I went scouting last night and found a couple big flocks of snow geese along with a lot of sandhill cranes. I didn’t really see any Canada geese, I think they have started heading south. 434 more words


Weekend of hunting with the brother-in-law (first weekend in Sept)

My brother-in-law Jaylon and his wife came up for a visit from Arizona back on the first weekend of September. He timed it (unintentionally) with goose season. 585 more words