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Billionaire patrons of Democratic and Republican parties united by fanaticism for Israel Primary tabs

The Israeli American Council, a right-wing Israel advocacy organization, kicked off its first ever national conference in Washington, DC this weekend.

Big name speakers included Republican hot shots like former  492 more words


What Does The 2014 Election Tell Us?

The 2014 midterm elections have resulted in a clear victory for the Republican Party. The GOP came out ahead with more Congressional seats, Governorships, and State Legislatures controls compared to Democrats. 492 more words

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Somehow this came to mind…

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Obama’s Failed Policies

Every Congressional GOP candidate has a set of stock lines.  This year GOP candidates like “I am running to change Washington and turn around President Obama’s failed policies”. 717 more words


Jeb’s Last Stand?

On a Sunday talk show yesterday, Jeb Bush’s son, George, said he thought his father was gearing up for a run for President in 2016. George said his father was still assessing the decision but in all probability would decide to run. 317 more words

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The Questions Not Asked

As the midterm elections approach, the prospects for Senate Democrats looks shaky at best. There are a variety of reasons that pundits are offering but President Obama seems to be everyone’s top choice. 293 more words

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