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The Questions Not Asked

As the midterm elections approach, the prospects for Senate Democrats looks shaky at best. There are a variety of reasons that pundits are offering but President Obama seems to be everyone’s top choice. 293 more words

Republican Party

One Must Wonder

The newspaper headlines are subdued. The television and radio waves lack the virulent negative commercials. Billboard advertisements reflect nothing about an impending disaster. Has President Obama’s term suddenly won over its opponents? 417 more words

Democratic Party

I Wonder Why?

In November, Pennsylvania will hold its Governor’s election along with the mid-term Congressional Representative’s race. Most of the attention, however, is focused upon the Governor’s job. 443 more words


It Is Tough Being President

Bill Clinton and George Bush made it look easy. Easy, that is, of being the chief executive. Always glib, always with a smile, always looking like they knew what was going on. 686 more words