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Fiscal Conservatives? Not So Much!

Here we go again. Our conservative congress, which according to them is all about being fiscally responsible, has now spent over $300M on something the military has said they don’t want or need. 94 more words

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Hypocrisy = GOP

On December 4th, the house passed the National Defense Authorization Act which included a provision to transfer 2,400 acres of Apache ancestral land to a foreign mining company. 109 more words

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He's Damaging The Presidency? Really?

Sometimes I wonder just how Speaker Boehner says these things with a straight face!

He warned the President! He warned him!

He warned the President that he was making it impossible for him to pass immigration legislation! 142 more words

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Simple Solution . . . Do Your Jobs!

Want to know how best to deal with Obama and his executive actions on immigration? I know this will come across as radical and unconventional, at least for this do nothing congress. 114 more words

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Benghazi Investigation Reveals . . . . Conspiracy Theories As Insane As We All Knew They Were!

As you would imagine, Conservatives aren’t talking much about this. Why? Because it doesn’t support their narrative. And it doesn’t help them hurt Hillary Clinton. And as we’ve seen since the election of 2008, the current GOP cares only about politics and not about the American people, budgets, security, healthcare, immigration, or anything else. 85 more words

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So basically, what Mr Cruz is saying here, is, “I’m going to hold a gun to your head. If you don’t do exactly as I tell you, I will pull the trigger. 159 more words

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GOP Hypocrisy (Even Better!)

The GOP loves to scream about anything the Obama Administration does without the approval of congress. Things that have long been the realm of the Executive Branch suddenly became “unconstitutional” once Barack Obama started doing it. 97 more words

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