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"Bad Politics And Worse Policy": GOP’s Minimum Wage Disaster; How Chris Christie And Scott Walker Are Stepping In It

Buoyed by surveys showing that voters overwhelmingly support raising the federal minimum wage, Democrats have held Republicans’ feet to the fire this year, pressing GOP candidates and officeholders to take clear stands on the issue. 488 more words


Turn Out For What? Black Voters Must Hit The Polls In November Or Risk GOP Takeover

The sense of urgency over the Black vote in the upcoming mid-term elections is mounting. Black congressional leaders are feverishly urging black voters to turn out strong on November 4th, saying that Democrats could lose multiple elections across the country and Republicans could take control of the U.S. 847 more words


Repulsive! Irresponsible! Crazy Gun Nut!

This is the type of thing that is just so irresponsible it makes you wonder if some of these nuts are even capable or rational thoughts. 125 more words


Midterms Will Ultimately Hinge on the Fundamentals

If the recent slate of polls have made anything become clear it is that the closer we get to election day the worse the environment appears for Democrats.   1,072 more words