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Morning Must Reads: January 28

The Big Dig

New Englanders savaged by a blizzard packing knee-high snowfall and hurricane-force winds began digging out as New Yorkers and others spared its full fury questioned whether forecasts were overblown… 483 more words

"Morning Joe" (MSNBC) - Joe Scarborough

@Morning_Joe @joeNBC This is too much. While Koch Bros are your sponsor, y’all are now doing their PR. @morningmika

— Yes We Can (@GoodOleWoody) January 28, 2015


The GOP Must Rebrand Itself to Take the White House in 2016

The 2014 midterm election season proved to be victorious for Republicans, considering they maintained control over the House and took the Senate while they were at it. 551 more words

American Politics

False Equivalency

Having conversations with people you disagree with can be pretty testing these days.  It can seem that people are no longer willing to give the benefit of the doubt that regardless of where we fall on the political spectrum, we all want the best for our country, our families, and ourselves.  1,406 more words

And I said "shit"

May I present to you the President of the United States, former Governor of the great state of Arkansas, former Fox contributor, and current fan of Ted Nugent, … 134 more words


America's Third-Party Parties

I wrote yesterday about the para-political economy of scammers, and have been thinking a bit more about the organization of the American parties.  Both parties have nearly completely-opaque institutional structures, for a reason I touched on briefly yesterday: there’s no there there.   486 more words