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Evaluating Legislation

It is often difficult to evaluate legislation to determine its true purpose:

  • The title of a bill is often misleading
  • The purpose of the bill may be misstated…
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Sony Pictures Hacked bu #GOP

On Monday, Sony Pictures, an American development association that administers dissemination of association’s film and TV arrangements, has been hacked and all machines at the association have been rendered completely dormant. 19 more words

Latest Trending News

In the aftermath of the sweeping Republican victory three weeks ago, 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney asserted that the Republican takeover of the senate was the beginning of a period of potential growth. 427 more words


GOP 'payback' to white working class that voted them in: Cut earned income tax and child tax credit – DailyKos

The Political Agitator response: They just don’t understand, they are in denial or they just don’t give a damn yet. But when it hit home, they will get it! 189 more words


Split State Power Tempers GOP's Health Care Plans

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — After two years of vilifying the federal health overhaul and the state’s health insurance exchange, Minnesota Republicans face Democratic opposition in the Senate and governor’s office that will scale back their hopes for a wholesale makeover. 554 more words


Next battle in the war on science

The war over science is heating up on Capitol Hill.

GOP House members have had little success reining in research agencies so far, but, emboldened by their growing majorities, they’re hoping for better luck next year. 1,713 more words


Use of Social Media Inside Your Business: Are you in control?

The latest examples of the security and compliance risks created by social media within the past week:

1. Fake Starbucks account instagram account @theofficialstarbuckscoffee offers customers a $35 Gift Card. 698 more words

Regulatory Compliance