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Episode 51 - Minimum Wage A-Go-Go

A strange opening as Producer Aaron steps in with a painless opening story of Wal-Mart. Then, the gang delves deep into the issue of minimum wage. 73 more words

This weeks polling: Udall/Gardner

There’s some new polls on our senate race, and the news leans towards Gardner, but only a little. Quinnipac has Udall up by only a point, and a… 129 more words


GOP Senators: Obama Has Abandoned 'Basic Immigration Enforcement'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and 21 other Republican senators are accusing President Barack Obama of disregarding the rule of law and the Constitution by considering administrative changes to the nation’s deportations policy. 114 more words


Confirmed: Democrat Party’s Demonization of White America & Radical Agenda Is Pushing White Voters to GOP in Droves

It’s a good thing Democrats have a growing number of minority voters, many new to the country who don’t know any better, or they would be obliterated in national elections. 275 more words


CAIR-Florida bullies GOP

With Florida Senate Bill 386 making its way through the necessary committees to get to the floor for a vote, those most vocal in the Muslim community seem to be getting worried it just might pass. 613 more words

Islamic Shari'ah

Conservative Hero and Welfare Queen Cliven Bundy Speaks Out on Race

Over the past few weeks, Fox News and it’s Conservative Media clones have been madly pushing their anti-government agenda by using Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy as their new hero.   485 more words

Republicans Are Racist

"Obamascare Tactics In Red State Races": Passing Laws That Prevent Any Future Governor From Accepting Medicaid Money

If I asked you to name two states where the incumbent Republican governors might lose reelection this fall, you would likely, I expect, say Florida and Pennsylvania. 916 more words