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Rogue Planet

Earlier today I got into an argument with a friend (a guy) about us poor women being subjected to so many “vile male fantasies” (his words, not mine) all the time and what we could do about it. 2,597 more words


A good kick in the pants

Ya know, sometimes it takes a swift kick in the tooshie, to get you out of your humdrums and back on track. Well I got that yesterday from a long time friend, the worst part about that is that he used my own words back on me. 87 more words

Second LIfe

Zing, Zing, Zing, Went My Bowstring?

Many people are now aware that Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, have plans to launch a completely new platform for 2015. There are a LOT of unanswered questions but one of the most intimidating aspects of the announcement is that , even though LL has said that Second Life will continue as long as it remains profitable, they also have confirmed that there will be no backward compatibility. 271 more words