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The Ubar of the Skies

(Based on the most misogynistic book titles I’ve ever read, John Norman’s Gor series).

Tarn  - giant bird

Goad - taser-like weapon

Ubar – overlord… 498 more words


Rolls eyes

As predicted Shellirene has decided to keep the drama going since she has found her actions have caused a further drop in her reputation in Secondlife.  1,035 more words


Infinite Body Jewelry

   I am really stoked on my first order from Canada’s leading body jewelry manufacturer – Infinite Body! I am proud to offer this high end jewelry for your initial piercings (and your healed ones too) at… 81 more words


Bald wieder auf deutsch/ soon be back in german

In der nächsten Zeit wird es wieder mehr Inhalte auf deutsch geben. / In the very near future I gonna post more german Content here again.


The follow-up

After a meeting with several doms, teachers and students… it was decided to just ignore Shels rants. To further report her to LL for Harassment of individuals or groups, to have her main alt shut down, or her blog shut down for slander would only feed what she lives on….drama. 257 more words


Catching Up

Being sick really sucks. I never have the motivation to work on my blog as much as I used too. So I got my first cat scan results. 277 more words