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An Narif Senia Kendina, Bazi an der Thassa, 5. Tag der ersten Hand im 5. Monat, 10164 C.A

Meine liebste Narif,

die Schwierigkeiten hier in Victoria haben zugenommen. 499 more words


You Don't Know My Name (142)

So romantic and cute is the 1st rare Item from Alchemy. Its a set – the white Corsage Dress in 2 versions and the jewelry. The 2nd rare item is the little Fawn, you can hold it in your arms. 112 more words

So Blue (141)

I need to say Thank you today. Thank you .aisling. for this wonderfull update for the dress “Valentine”. Now is it possible to change the colors of the dress like you want. 144 more words

Herzliche Geschenke und ungewürdigte Erfolge

An Narif Senia Kendina, Bazi an der Thassa, 3. Tag der vierten Passage im Monat En`Var, 10164 C.A

Meine liebe Narif,

mit Freude hat dein Brief mich erreicht und eine Wehmut im Herzen zurückgelassen, die ich kaum beschreiben kann. 963 more words


Fairytale (140)

Like a Fairytale are the new dresses from Poet’s Heart. Available in many dark and bright colors. It comes with roses, laceparts and a wreath, with a HUD you can change the colors like you want. 109 more words

Same Girl (138)

I have to say this round of The Secret Affair has the best of the best. Today I’m wearing Junbug, On A Lark and Lassitude & Ennui, it fits perfect together …. 99 more words