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An Issue Bigger Than Just Employment

By Jesse Steele

This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to spend my summer break in Rwanda. The first month of my trip was spent with a class learning about developing enterprise (a field that may be on the horizon one day) and it was great, getting to meet some of the most amazing people. 1,068 more words



New titles released! New volumes in the “Doc and Raider” collection: RELENTLESSLY CANADIAN, SOMEWHAT CANADIAN, and WILDLY CANADIAN, as well as NO ONE EVER SAID THEY WERE ESPECIALLY BRIGHT (something no theatre queen’s library should be without!)… all perfect for summer readind! 36 more words

if i were to presumptuously speak to all of gordon right now

I’m not qualified to speak to the whole of Gordon, except in that I am a student, caught up in the same mental storm many of us are experiencing right now. 364 more words


"Targeting within Universalism": Evangelical Cultural Engagement

This has been the summer of religious tensions. While issues within the American evangelical church and the broader society pale in comparison to what is happening in Iraq and the Middle East, the balance between perceptions of religious identity markers and shared cultural experiences has been hard to find. 1,307 more words

Just Plain Sociology

Obama Persecutes Christian Schools

Does President Obama have it out for conservative evangelical Christians?  Does he plan to crush them by hitting them where it hurts?  In the pages of today’s… 647 more words

Bible And Prayer In The Classroom

Killing Christianity

In Mosul, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) issued a decree that by the end of the third week in July, Christians in the city had three choices—convert to Islam, pay a confiscatory tax (jizya) or die. 885 more words

Enter the Hobby Lobby Wannabees

Hello, we’re back to some serious fare today at SK.

We are still stuck on the Supreme Court’s June 30 5-4 decision that allows qualified family-owned businesses to turn their health care policies into an a la carte menu mirroring their religious beliefs. 371 more words