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Collateral Damage: Christian Colleges and Culture Wars

I’m reluctant to even use the concept of “collateral damage” in light of Gaza/Israel, Malaysian flight #17, and Central American minors seeking refuge in the US. 2,308 more words

Christian Higher Education

Losing Faith in My Vocation

I remember sitting in my sixth grade health class one afternoon. The assignment: write a short paper on what you wanted to be when you grew up. 627 more words

Gordon College

A journalist's diatribe on a college's sins

Sunday 20 July 2014

A Boston Globe writer with much gall in his ink penned his opinions on Gordon College’s recent action regarding ENDA. The Idiot wrote to the Globe editor as follows.  504 more words

Knight of Cups, Knight of Wands

(this is a love story)


Winter on the north shore of Boston is deep, a cold which clings so heavy it’s hard not to imagine the entire world has retreated into frigid slumber.  4,645 more words

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Thoughts on Gordon College (Part 3)

Two days ago I started writing about Gordon College being in the news. Yesterday I highlighted some of the factors on why the college will not change in the short term. 694 more words

Thoughts on Gordon College (Part 2)

Yesterday I introduced the current news story of Gordon College seeking a religious exemption from having to hire LGBT people. Today I want to put down a few thoughts on how this will play out in the coming weeks and years. 487 more words