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The Evolution Revolution: Return to Babel 2.2

Change . . . a dirty word to some, while to others it is the very thing they crave.  Too often our initial response to change is resistance, denial or fear.  2,061 more words

Pop culture vs. Reality, aka #GWC

There was a time when the images of those on the bus below dominated pop culture. . Who knew the engineers who founded Fairchild Semiconductor… 571 more words

Current Affairs & History

Anchors Away

In 1985, Intel was a semiconductor memory company. It had been a memory company for 17 years, but Japan was making memory better and cheaper and Intel was bleeding money trying to keep up. 340 more words

Bumpstart Investing

What will tech come up with next?

As the legend goes, in 1964 Dr. Gordon Moore, then at Fairchild Semiconductor, was preparing a paper for Electronics magazine on the evolution of semiconductor memory chips. 1,051 more words